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  1. 125shifter

    250R = best

    Hey... haven't posted in years, but hoping all you 250R riders are healthy and keeping the best bike on the track right side up! I have not put a leg over a moto bike since my crash in 2009, but moto never stays far from my mind... been riding tons of MTB and road bikes since... nothing equals the exhilaration of moto though. All my best, Shifter
  2. Hey. Hope all is well w/ all. As you may remember, before my big get-off last summer, I was having a freakish good year - nutzo good. I was starting off hot and fast and making killer progress. One of the things I was doing that I thought was really contributing was jumping rope right there in the pit before riding. Just 3-5 45 second sessions - nothing crazy, but enough to focus me and warm me up. I'd jump in all my gear (boots too), just w/o my helmet. Once done, I was attacking the track from the first twist of the throttle and it was working out awesome. My oldest boy and I snowboard 30-40 days/year and this morning I finally remembered to bring one of my ropes and took the time to do the same thing right beside the truck while gearing up; a few 45-60 second sessions. And just like moto, it hyped my up, warmed me up, etc. We hit the snow hot and fast right off the bat - first run. I'm usually a run or two to warm up and get my riding legs back... not today! First run and it was on. I'm convinced it's a great trick. My point? Try jumping rope (in conjunction w/ stretching) before moto. Don't go into heart rate overload, just enough to raise your heart rate, but don't do it and wait like 30 mintues to moto. Finish gearing up and go. Again, I hope everyone is doing well.
  3. 125shifter

    Whoops how to

    Tons of threads in the moto technique forum.
  4. 125shifter


    Where do you moto in UT mxracer???
  5. 125shifter

    Bare back window

    I just have the small version of the front plate number from my 250F in the lower left corner of my rear window. Subtle yet says it all (even though I'm retired ).
  6. 125shifter

    Packaging up my '07

    Trust me, after fracturing and dislocating a hip and the pain involved, my wife could roll twin 2010s set up my way and I wouldn't ride. I got way lucky this round even though I was a trauma patient. At "my age" and w/ my responsibilities, I don't want to risk what I really love for simply riding moto. Moto is cool, but not cool enough. There are days that I'm riding (MTB) and I can't help but acknowledge I can get just as jacked up coming unglued from the MTB, but my wife is/was cool w/ the swap so I'll take it. MTBing ain't nowhere near the thrill though. I was just starting to hang some real whips out, corning like I meant it, etc. Oh well...
  7. 125shifter

    Packaging up my '07

    PM me your mailing address, I have vegemite for you.
  8. 125shifter

    Packaging up my '07

    I figured most everyone here knew... Lots of people said the same thing... chill a bit. That's not in my blood and I'm beyond that kind of self-control! I was starting to catch mid-20s B riders and having a freakish year of improvement. I had my mind sent on twin EFI'd 250Fs too. I actually had my '07 450, the '09 450 and my '07 250F all at the same time. Even w/ that range of machines, the 250F won out 98% of the time. I sold both 450s and started to focus real hard on riding well and was doing very well, then scrubbed a bit more off on a table than I should have my hip went "pop"! Aside from flat out intamacy, my '07 250F and I had each other figured out. It's a great bike and "we" were so dialed in... to see it sitting there knowing where I got on it, just eats me up, but I can't do this (injury) again and knowing it happened once only tells me it can happen again and dislocating a hip isn't something I want to try again - EVER. To know it would only take a fraction of a similar impact to send it out again hurts!
  9. 125shifter

    CRF 250 Big bore kit questions

    Athena and Max Power (IceCube) are two that I know guys that run 'em and have had good luck w/ them. Personally, I like the higher reving nature of the stock bore, but that's just me. I did ride an Athena in CO a year or so ago and it was interesting and for sure had some neat hit on the bottom. Obviously, his bike felt different that mine, but had I been able to wiggle my nose and have a 280 in mine, I probably would have never looked back.
  10. 125shifter

    Packaging up my '07

    I actually had an '09 450: Came unglued on 7-4 and the deal w/ my wife was one more big get-off and I'd hang it up; a deal's a deal... Since I can't live w/o something to challenge me, I "replaced" moto w/ one of these: Just not as fast or anywhere near as challenging, but it'll have to do...
  11. 125shifter

    Packaging up my '07

    I thought about parting the good stuf out and replacing w/ the OEM gear, but I just don't care to go thru all that effort. $4k isn't far off the mark when you see the basically plain-jane 07s either on ebay or here locally. It is higher than normal though. I could probably get more than $4k if I parted it as described above i.e. the triples and ex system alone. Tire, etc. would only add to it. I lost money the day I bought the bike then fitted it w/ all that stuf before I even rode it! I'm not to stressed on the hit I'll take now regardless of what I end up getting. I just need to get it out of my shop; it's my only remaining MXer and my wife is starting to give me the look; it's been 3+ months since my wreck and she thinks I'm thinking of not giving MX up.
  12. 125shifter

    Packaging up my '07

    Ok... here's what I'm thinking: My bike has the following goods on it: RG3 triples (top/bottom) ASV C5s (pro clutch) Renthal fats (CR high) Fastway F3s Ironman sprockets (counter and driven) Talon hubs/Excel wheels Full PC Ti system TokyoMods carb mod RaceTech gold valves The bike runs just fine and has been serviced always/only by me. I have the original Owner's Manual and the OEM shop manual too. Those mods are a few Gs alone. Here's a pic of my spares: And that's still not all, but it's most of 'em. Most of that stuff is common OEM nut/bolts/bits. There are: a couple of MP throttle tubes (4) air filters several rims strips couple sets of fork seals several tubes (2) 756 fronts (5) 756 rears (1) 739 rear (don't ask how I ended up w/ it ) enough ASV C5 spares to rebuild either side from any get-off spare full OEM exhaust system spare PC Ti mid section (2) brand new DID ERT@ chains etc... I have the OEM triples too, but they're not pictured. Here's the bike in case you've never seen it (a 1.5 year old pic though): Here's what I'm thinking; ebay for $4k "By it Now". The guy that wants a "cheap" bike could remove/replace the RG3s & PC full sys w/ OEMs parts and sell them and still have tons of spares. My aim was to have the bits to deal w/ any minor, even slightly decent get-off the day of and ride again if not that day, the next. When I was servicing the bike, I'd see a worn thingy and order (2) or more spares... that's how I collected this stuff. The tires alone are ~ $550+ even on-line. Add it all up and look at the flexibility you have w/ those parts and $4k seems fair. The 17 year old kid on a budget won't touch it, but the discerning guy looking for value will. Add to all that it's a reliable, kick ass bike that only ever rocked and rolled for me. I just want to part w/ as much stuf in one deal as possible. I'm looking for constructive feedback not shiz like "you can find 'em for $3895 brandy new 'round these here parts...". This ain't your average 250F - not even close.
  13. 125shifter

    What year of crf250r should i get?

    I have an '07 in very solid condition you may be interested in.
  14. 125shifter

    weight question

    w/ gear, I'm (was) over 200lbs and my scooter pulled me just fine. @ 172lbs, your skill level is all that will hold you back.
  15. 125shifter

    Bloody Ebay

    PM me your address and I'll send you a jar; Rob hooked me up.