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  1. "Send me a KnobbyKnife! My Metzler Karoo needs more hook!" My tire just doesn't hook up and get through stuff!
  2. catang5oh

    2013 Husky Sighting

    Here's something interesting http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/722/13518/Motorcycle-Article/2013-Husqvarna-Dirt-Models-First-Look.aspx
  3. catang5oh


    I can tell you from personal experience that the 250 low is a bad ass bike, I don't know how much the suspension was changed but I can say it rides just as good as my 12 310, my buddy and I got the 310 and 250 low a couple of weeks apart, both bikes rip, suspension is great. I came off a crf230, and there is no comparison.
  4. catang5oh

    luggage rack?

    I like mine from this guy, check with him about the 449/ 511. http://www.nomadic-racks.com/index.php?option=com_rokecwid&Itemid=62#ecwid:category=976078&mode=category&offset=0&sort=normal
  5. catang5oh

    TE310 is the S%^T! the real deal

    Quote: retained but reengineered the breather system to keep oil/vapor/mist out of the intake. Can you go into a little detail on what you did here?
  6. I want to replace my beaten Berik RC boots, help me make this the last time I have to dry them out.
  7. catang5oh

    LAPD Job Perk

    Some poor saps confiscated Husky I reckon!
  8. catang5oh

    Thinking about a 2012 TE250

    Go with the one that fits you hands down.
  9. catang5oh

    My 310, Help me make it better.

    Johnny, I used the Husky Ibeat software and adjusted the TPS setting and the CO #s. There are several threads on Cafe Husky that explain it pretty well.
  10. catang5oh

    My 310, Help me make it better.

    He seemed pleased with the results, was already changing tires to his preference so he could hit the trails and beat on it a little. Hopefully he will chime in on the other site.
  11. catang5oh

    My 310, Help me make it better.

    Thanks guys, my dealer has went out of his way to help us with the issue, especially since we are 4 hrs and a state away. Tuned the issues out of both my 310, and the. 250( which now has the 12 port and ECU) and both of us are really happy with them. Every performance engine I have had with EFI has been finicky but in the end with an air fuel gauge, EFI software and some patience they are better than any carb I have ever had.
  12. catang5oh

    My 310, Help me make it better.

    I just got thru break in on my 310, and my buddy's 250 just got there also. We just tonight adjusted the TPS and adjusted the CO #s in ibeat, it fixed the majority of the light switch throttle issues and the flash out issue also.
  13. Merry Christmas and a Husky New Year Everybody
  14. It's an S2 bulb, 35/35w. It's actually out of a KTM headlight. I have one on my CRF.
  15. catang5oh

    Thinking about a 2012 TE250

    I just got my 310 and so far it's great bike. Friend is waiting on his 250 now, it's stuck in customs. As far as them not being a race bike, I think Husky missed that memo cause the 310 is on he 250 chassis and it has won numerous races.