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  1. hondaman666

    Who has the nicest Honda?

    Cell phone pics, I'll get better ones later. still need to change the numbers.
  2. hondaman666

    action shots

    They are the cr high high bend, but im putting some mini high on soon because they are higher.
  3. hondaman666

    action shots

    From a race
  4. hondaman666

    Free riding...on a perfect track

    I used to have to wear glasses but i have contacts now but if look at other types of goggles that are bigger inside that can fit glasses they can work.
  5. hondaman666

    post pic of you sitting on bike but not riding

    Here is me at a race
  6. hondaman666

    not so much a stocker anymore!

    It looks ok but a red seat cover and some pre prints might look good.
  7. hondaman666

    My new 150 (thought I would share)

    Did you try the mrd pipe.
  8. They didn't just make the header go around for looks so get over it.
  9. Thanks mike see you out there.
  10. What day are they going to be there mike.
  11. Ya he will come by del valle some times,you really get to see how fast he really is.
  12. hondaman666

    Hot Cams Camshaft

    I would think you guys would need the extra top end.
  13. hondaman666

    missing oil???

    my guess is the rings hope you fix it any other problems with motor.
  14. hondaman666

    Carbon fibor

    Your so lucky you live near them:banghead: and that tank cover looks trick nice.
  15. hondaman666

    All new gear came in today check it out!!!

    So even put dirt in my gas, sounds good should add some more power haha;)