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  1. Hey guys , I've recently joined a race series for the first time in my life, I'm 32, and started riding when i was 25. Never competing in races before. Last week was my first race. As I expected, my nerves got me, i stalled on the gate drop and as soon as that happen i felt a huge sign of relief. I got going , rode my own race , and placed 4th in the class (out of 8 people). 2nd gate drop i didn't stall, just got a terrible start. I placed 4th in class in that moto as well. (i think i was 2nd to last around the corner.) I had my 2nd race last night , completed my 2 motos with a 4-5 , (10 in class) , I got fairly decent starts on each gate drop. I recorded my 1st and 2nd moto with the hopes i might be able to get a few pointers from some of you faster folks. (i will eventually hit the triple) Please watch the video below and let me know if you see something i should be doing more or less of. Keep in mind , this is 30+d and its my 2nd race. Thanks in advance. Moto 1 :skip to 1:45 for gate drop moto 2 skip to 1:00 for gate drop
  2. All in good fun , here is a couple of examples of how to get yourself kicked out of a riding group and to seal the deal , post the videos to youtube.
  3. RM125XxX

    Stewart destroys Musquin's chance at a win

    He didn't cause marvin to case the first set of jumps. He stayed in his inside line.
  4. RM125XxX

    Mortgage rates are near all time lows

    I used Russ when purchasing my home. I couldn't be happier. He found the loan that would best work for me and took care of the rest. I highly recommend using Russ for your home purchase. He will take care of you!
  5. RM125XxX

    lets see those private tracks. bee sting optional

    Cool tracks guys!. @Tacktor your kids rip!. @pontkuntz Nice track looks like a blast! Here's ours. Nothing special, but alot of fun
  6. RM125XxX

    Help a brother out?

  7. RM125XxX

    Just havin a time with the crew

    nice riding , looks like a awesome place to get down.
  8. RM125XxX

    weekend warriors

    aww that sucks! Hope you got a chance to ride!
  9. RM125XxX

    weekend warriors

    Sunday is here and its time to reflect on the weekend.. How was your weekend?
  10. RM125XxX

    Capital forest 27th or 28th

    im going riding first thing tomorrow morning, i was either going to capital or tahuya. I dont know Capital Really well , but i've always made it back to my truck , I'm heading to either destination about 6:30 am , and will try to arrive by about 7:30. I know its late notice , but if you get this before then and wanna ride , i'll check the thread tomorrow morning before i leave
  11. RM125XxX

    MX Track @S.End of Boeing Field?

    I saw a couple guys riding there 2 days ago. I've wanted to ride there for years ( i commute tacoma-seattle) every day. Neat little track
  12. RM125XxX

    Tire change

    I have Spoons and have changed a ton of them. I'm in tacoma near cycle gear. I would be more then happy to help you change your tire and mount it , how ever instead of paying me to do it i think a better investment would be to buy 2 pairs of spoons from cycle gear and let me guide you through the process
  13. RM125XxX

    Riding balls.

    Again , thank you all for the great feedback. I was out at the track today. I used a lot of different tips you guys mentioned. I focused on breathing , body placement , and really worked on being in the attack position on the bike. I found the more i thought about the things I can control , the less i thought about everything else. Granted , didn't hit the 100ft double , but I did hit some sections rather well today that i had been struggling with prior. Thanks again for the words of wisdom , and Gary that was a perfect example.
  14. RM125XxX

    Tahuya Ride

    Would love to go , but im limited to weekend riding. I'll be out there this saturday
  15. RM125XxX

    Tahuya Ride

    safeway is good , qfc is good , mcdonalds is good (even better if you're able to make breakfast)