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  1. Hey RM250 brothers. I bought an 05 RM250 a year ago that had taller than stock 1 1/8 bar mounts that really help give me more room and a better position while sitting and standing. I’m 6’0 tall, but my upper body is long like a guy who’s 6’6, so I sit up high on the bike. Basically, I have short legs too lol. I bought a second RM250... an 03. It has stock 7/8 bar mounts and a low bar bend for bars. I plan on putting on my extra set of pro taper windham bend bars, but I need taller 1 1/8 bar mounts for them to mount. I can’t find any that aren’t stock height. I’ve spent an hour looking. It would be nice if I could also find something with an offset as well. Anybody know where to locate something like this?
  2. Great idea about the sharpie. Why didn’t I think of that? I’m not as sharpie lol
  3. I’ve had it about a year. It’s only in the sun when I go riding. I didn’t know they could expand that much.
  4. I don’t have personal experience, but I witnessed my friend three months ago landing sideways on a slab of rock breaking every one of his ribs On that side. Whatever chest protector you get, I highly suggest getting the side rib Protection. I know Leatte has it, and so does alpine stars. I read somewhere that the alpine stars one has really good venting.
  5. MXR

    New Member Ireland

    I’ve only been to Dublin and Belfast, but I fell in love with Ireland, Irish people, and the local food. I did notice how beautiful the country is and thought to myself... there’s some good riding here I bet. Welcome to thumpertalk. I’ve learned a lot of helpful stuff from this site. Enjoy.
  6. Hey guys, I just filled up my gas can with premix. I was mixing 5 gallons worth. When I pumped 5.0 gallons (according to the digital gas pump read out) I compared it to the etching on the side of the gas can, it showed like 4 3/4 gallons and was quite a bit short of the 5 mark. Anybody else have that happen? Could the pump be wrong? I thought those things were tested regularly for accuracy. The last couple of times I just did the measure according to the pump and never bothered to look at the can. Now I’ll be more cautious. Obviously, I want my mix ratio to be right, and this makes me less confident. I run 44:1 ratio to always be safe. 40:1 and it’s too rich since I’m riding technical trails and not MX. 50:1 is probably right for me, but I mix and jet 44:1 to be safe.
  7. MXR

    To tune or not to tune?

    If the $600 includes revalving and getting the springs set to your weight it worth it. If not, you should only be paying $250-300 to have the internals services with new fluid. Personally, I just had my bikes professionally valved for my riding type etc. and the bike tracks soooo much better. Life is short. Pay a pro and get it done right.
  8. MXR

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    See if they will let your ride the WR450. That way u can decide if you like the feel of a heavier four stroke and the different power delivery. I personally have gone on the same journey as you. Ended up with a sweet Suzuki RMZ450 that had tons of great aftermarket mods, parts, suspension etc. great bike. But I decide to buy a second bike and chose a 2 stroke 05 RM250. I just love how light, manuevarable, responsive, cheap, and fun 2 strokes are. Now I’m selling the RMZ and bought another 03 RM250. I think if you really like the Husky, GasGas, or KTM 300’s. You already know what you want. I don’t want you to have buyers remorse. Either way, it’s great you can ride again with your sons. Awesome.
  9. I ended up buying the pivots works linkage and swing arm bearings. They offer a lifetime warranty and I got them for the same price as all balls. RMATV said all balls company purchased pivot works and is honoring their warranty :-) The kits worked great, and everything fit well. Hopefully they last a long time. The previous bearings were absolutely destroyed.
  10. My wife has my Christmas stocking stuffers from RMATV and Motosport clearance jerseys, gloves, and socks. I’m spending my Christmas money on having both of my bikes suspensions set up for rocky, woods riding, and having my linkage and swing arm bearings replaced. That’s my whole Christmas in a ball of wax. I got one of my bikes back today and the suspension is aaaammmaaazinfg! I’m going riding tomorrow :-)))
  11. Nice to know. I’ll check them out. EBC is a good brand. Thanks
  12. MXR

    New bike

    Have u ridden them both? I’ve only ridden a newer YZ250 set up for trails and a 2012 ktm250xc. I’ve never ridden the newer ones. I’m sure their both awesome. I’m just interested in your review as they are on my wish list.
  13. I run the Shinko 505 in the rear. Love that tire. I’ve had great grip and wear with it. I’ve never shed a knob either 🙂. I might try the Shinko fatty first then. Plus, they’re cheaper so it won’t be a total waste if I don’t like the feel. I ride really rocky terrain so maybe the taller tire will minimize a chance at a pinch flat too. Kind of like running an 18 inch rear. Don’t know if that makes sense. Just a thought. Thanks for the in-depth explanation.
  14. Hey guys, One of my bikes front brake caliper literally came off while riding. The bolts worked themselves out. Never had that happen before. It messed up my brake pads. Now that I’m needing to replace them, and my new to me 03 RM250 brakes just feel crappy. Newer pads too. What pads are best for enduro riding? I don’t care about cost or even wear rate. I want best feel and modulation and the lever. Also, anything you have done to improve brake feel on these older brake systems? Every time I ride my 14 RMZ450, I can feel such a huge difference in brake performance
  15. MXR

    Do I need new tires?

    I personally believe fresh tires are a matter of safety and increase the fun factor. I’ve noticed when I start asking if I need new tires, I already know the answer. The cost of damage to your pipe and other parts of the bike from increased wipeouts justifies the cost of replacing tires more often. Also, nothing makes me feel like a better rider and more confident than fresh rubber :-)