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  1. I would add 108, 113, etc are also good trails. 101 is a great long trail that won’t get u in trouble. Also, stay away from the trails that have an A,B,C. Not all are difficult, but I’ve found most are harder than the numbered ones without the letters
  2. I run 12 psi on my front. And 10-10.5 on my rear. I’ve had one pinch flat recently, one near the rim lock (maybe a bad install) two on the valve stem area (maybe I should loosen the valve stem nut and give some play?). I ride rocky terrain, but it’s the same riding area I rode 20 years ago when I never got flats. It’s just Wierd. I’ll try Bridgestone or Michelin’s next... or maybe just go tubliss. I don’t know. I’m just sick and tired of my riding days being ruined (and my buddies getting stuck with me) at the beginning of our rides.
  3. Hey ThumperTalk, I bought some sweet Ohlins forks and shock for my RM250. They’re, absolutely amazing BTW. I highly recommend them. The previous owner only used seal skins on them, because the rm fork guards didn’t line up on the lower clamps. I’ve found that Honda ones and KTM ones do, and ordered a set today. I considered still keeping the seal savers as well, because I ride in rocky/wet/muddy terrain. But just thought “will the consistent rubbing of the neoprene be bad on the DLC coating of the forks?” Anybody know if that’s true or not???
  4. Back in the 80’s and 90’s when I had around 13 different bikes, on older tire technology and tubes, I never had a flat or had tubes lose air....ever. I know, I was lucky. Now that I’m a responsible adult who does all the servicings you’re supposed to do, I’ve had several flats. Usually within the first 15-30 minutes of a ride. When things are good, at best, my two bikes lose air slowly in all their tires between rides during the week just sitting. I use ultra heavy duty STI tunes. The valve stems aren’t losing air when I pour water over them. So what gives? Very frustrating.
  5. MXR

    07 RM 250: what's it worth?

    I bought an 04 mint for $2800. It had probably 50 hours on it by looking at the cases etc. 07 has better porting and a few other things. If you love RM’s it’s worth $3k.
  6. U stole it. The running weird is probably just the carb. Clean it really good and put a new plug in and see what happens. Awesome buy
  7. I reread the original post. I thought she had ridden mini bikes like 65 and 85s. He must mean street bikes. Yeah. That’s too much power for her. Good catch
  8. I would stick with a 250 2T or a 450 4 stroke for dunes. If it’s a 450 a CRF would be a great bike. If it’s a 2T sure a CR250 would do the trick. But I would check out the newer KTM’s Husky’s and YZ’s. I’m brand loyal to RM’s but if I did it again I would go with the newer bikes
  9. Whichever bike is the cleanest, looks like the least wear and tear. If it looks close to new as far as wear one the cases, sprockets, clean stock plastics... that’s the one. But just going by description I would pic the 2011
  10. I agree with Ohio. Other than that the 150 is a great bike. How old is your son? Weight? Riding level?
  11. In response to your comments... due to budget concerns and 250f being no fun. You need to buy a 2 stroke. KTM, husky, YZ 250 or 300. You can get 70 hours without doing a ring or topend if you don’t ride that hard.
  12. Don’t let people scare you on the GasGas. Awesome bikes and motors. The KYBs just make them that more attractive. The betas are attractive because of their starters are the best, and great all around, however the KYBs are better period. GasGas has more power (according to the magazines) but have older starter technology. Either ones a great bike.
  13. MXR

    Between 250F and 450F?

    Do not buy a 450 if you don’t want too much power. They’re beasts. I have a RMZ450 and a modified RM250. I know how to ride and love that extra power, but I’m even considering get a 250 fourstroke instead of my 450. I’ve ridden some of my buddies and they feel really good without being scary etc. have you considered a KTM or Husqvarna 350? They’re the perfect sized four stroke.
  14. That’s a very good price if it’s in good shape. My son had an 03 that was clean and I got $1100 for it. At that price you can buy it, play around with it and see if you like it. If you don’t, sell it and make $300 cash for little to no effort. My only concern would be your weight is a bit heavy for that suspension. Other than that, my buddy in high school bought a YZ85 when we all rode 250s. He bored it out and it was the most fun bike to ride. He was around your height and loved it. Have you considered a KX100 or a Honda CRF150R? Both would be optimal for your height in my opinion. And both would have more low end, broader powerbands, and more topend