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  1. 150dirtcomber

    Alden Baker and webb

    I'm all for it then
  2. 150dirtcomber

    Alden Baker and webb

    No lol Question, where would Justin Barcia be if he got signed by KTM. Red plate holder?
  3. 150dirtcomber

    Anderson down!

    I mean...He is supposed to be the "best in the world." Yes, I know the USA has dropped off the edge a bit in recent years but. Being the National Champion is supposed to put you at that expectation. So I cannot blame fans for expecting nothing less of him than a podium or win. It's kind of a sad day for us Americans to say "Hey cut Tomac some slack he did ok against the world's best." We have pride in our series, dang it. My stance is this: Webb suits the KTM Barcia suits the Yamaha Tomac doesn't suit the Kawasaki
  4. How about Romain Febvre, he won a whole championship on one didn't he? (Depleted field somehow Yamaha's fault comments incoming)
  5. 150dirtcomber

    Alden Baker and webb

    Reed might have won on a different bike ,5th isn't good for him at that age He said 33 not 23 haha. I don't think 3 years would make that dramatic of a difference. 5th is exceptional for anyone over 30 in this sport. Can't we just get to a middle ground where we all say "Webb is better suited for the KTM, but other racers do just fine on the Yamaha." It's always KTM is the best most incredible piece of machinery or The Yamaha is so horridly bad it upsets me. People love to go to the extreme of either spectrum on a topic and it baffles me.
  6. 150dirtcomber

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    Barcia makes you see red man, it's great.
  7. 150dirtcomber

    The Webb Wagon

    My take is the bikes come down to preference. I'm a Yamaha guy but, I'll straight up admit the KTM suits Webb better. However, to me how I see it is the Red Bull KTM team and program is just the best, hands down. They manage to tweeze out every bit of potential out of their guys from top to bottom. For example, I think Tomac would have twice the championships in his career story if he went from Honda to KTM (or Husky) and just skipped over stinky green.
  8. 150dirtcomber

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    Hey I said intentionally facetious ūü§°
  9. 150dirtcomber

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    Quit that. It's common knowledge in our sport that athletes and teams cover up injuries and mechanicals. Just this past year Tomac's back injury was covered up, as well as both Wilson and Cianciarulo coming clean by straight up saying they were downplaying and down right hiding injuries the past year. I know it's fun to be intentionally facetious. Here's my hot take: Ricky Carmichael would have 1/3 of the titles he got if he was racing these guys.
  10. 150dirtcomber

    AMA CBD Statement

    Oh boy here it comes
  11. 150dirtcomber

    Daytona just got released

    Agree, and He gets into it a lot, especially twitter. Probably the only reason I still follow him because it's entertaining to see.
  12. 150dirtcomber

    Daytona just got released

    Anyone see Ricky get into it with some people in an instagram comments section?
  13. 150dirtcomber

    Amsoil Arenacross is Dead

    I know virtually nothing about it, but the SX futures seems like a decent concept to me. What is about the comment of coagulated blood in the dirt above yours? Are kids wrecking or being manipulated by big corporation? As far as I know they tame the track out. I'm a bit ignorant to what's being debated here...
  14. 150dirtcomber

    What do they feed the east coast guys?

    I agree with that too, seemed a bit like a shark feeding frenzy out there with everyone in tunnel vision mode. I feel those guys should've been able to see him down. It's not like he was down on the landing of a jump and everyone was committed in the air or something. Like you said seemed avoidable, but maybe not.
  15. Just finished watching the 250 races...That LCQ had about 5 braincells collectively. Even the 250 main had top guys getting squirrely about every lap. Even Alex Martin directly and indirectly took 2 guys out on his way to the finish! I noticed a pro rider (Nicoletti maybe?) stated on twitter the east coast was way more stacked, hard for me to agree after watching that. Hopefully next week all the nerves have died down.