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  1. Hey mate it sounds like what was happening with mine . It took me awhile to figure it out but when i first got the bike it was a dream till a mate messed with it he changed the spark plug in it and it was loose where the cap goes on it kept slidding up and is worn in side and i foeled heaps of plugs then i realised the original plug i had in it (br9ex iridium )was bent at the top so i did this last night and popped the the cap back on and it kick over first go  today and went for a ride an she like a dream turned her off and she started first kick ten minutes later . I hope this helps you out i dont know much probably enough to get me back in to trouble haha but this worked for me 

  2. i think a) valves are not your problem b] if you were to do them, unless you changed the camshaft id still use factory specs But ill wait for others to chime in
  3. SUCCESS!@ Dont know if it was the float height/old needle or the fact that the o-ring managed to slip past the washer on the mixture screw!! ... i was like WTH?! Anyway, first kick it fired! i dont believe it but im not comlaining Thanks for the help Still confused about float height though if anyone could clear that up for me, cheers
  4. Or pulled the carb off Slide is in the right way, the cutout is in the back where the arm hinges up top if u know what i mean. 99% sure its the right way Changed the needle back to stock needle (circlip is 3rd from top position ) jets are both new 125 and 40 which i beluieve are stock sizes fuel screw out 2 turns from completely in Idle adjust screw is pushing on the spring making it go back maybe 2mm (might turn it up more when i try start it again) I dont know about the float though. It measured 18mm, i adjusted it down as much as i could which is about 15mm. Picture was best i can do without a 2nd person If i adjust it more the float is no longer parallel with the gasket surface so where the hell do i take my measurement from ? Anyhow back to putting in together and kicking until i cant kick no more
  5. Ok update Adjusted valves to spec in manual 0.05 and 0.08mm New Spark plug Rebuilt carb with all new seals jets and needle (needle was a different number but looked the same, maybe didnt pick up minor difference?) Carb float level was out of spec but i left it because im not sure how to measure it correctly. (was reading 18mm instead of 12.5mm) I Put it all back together Fresh fuel Choke on Kicked kicked kicked kicked kicked kicked a million times, swore a little here and there Checked i was getting spark, all good Put it to reserve cause fuel level was a bit low, kicked a few more times and it fired up Let it idle for 10 sec with choke on full, idle started to raise on its own, twisted throttle a bit and throttle was getting higher. Turned the choke to half/off and it would rev even higher... Xont know &%$#@! thats all about its revving at like probably 3k rpm So i have a few suspicions 1) Float level??? what would this do if it was set at 18mm instead of the 12.5mm 2) wrong needle, maybe i should put original one back ? 3) The carb vent line needs to plug in somewhere. Maybe it needs a vacuum or something to get the carb to idle properly? 4) Slide on carb, can it be put in backwards ? would this cause those symptoms? After i turned it off, went back to try start it after 15 min and looks like it wont be starting any time soon... probably needs to be sworn at a bit more Any help appreciated
  6. Got it to start finally Something is wrong with the carb, it started, idles for about 5 seconds than when i cranked the throttle a little bit it stayed high and gets worse as the choke gets turned off Something wrong or maybe in backwards? possible to get the slide or whatever it is the wrong way ?
  7. Yes sorry post #7 was taken from google (of a gas gas or something) All the rest are mine Also, trailryder are you talking about the nipple looking thing a couple cm's above and to the left of other vent line? If so thats actually nothing, no hole in there. Ill go double check though Will be working on the bike today and tomorrow lets hope i get it started!
  8. Ill try this What is the point of it? does it lift a valve or something to aid in starting? By removing it, will it just be i have to kick it harder (should be easy on a 250) to start?
  9. I Think this may be a case of Australian/US model differences That's the sticker on the rear subframe. Not sure what else will identify it. Also the seat has 250r covering which looks stock. I cant see where that canister stuff would have been if it where anywhere before So you think i can just leave that line vented to atmosphere? The previous owner (not mechanically minded at all) couldnt get this to run so im going through the process of rebuilding/tuning and dont want to have something as simple as a carb vent line prevent me from starting it lol
  10. Ok This is the bottle im talking about. Dont see what its purpose is? cant be a filter.. cant be an overflow or catch can as its above everything ? Here is the little hose im talking about See there is an old clamp mark on the end of it. Also you can see the clip you were talking about This is the other side of the carb, cant see any places it would connect? Also the bend of the hose wont seem to go that way Another angle, tube circled in red
  11. Sorry for the pics photobucket is being crap
  12. Heres a photo I know what you mean now, i tried the kickstarter and it moves the bottom cable, the handlebar lever moves the top cable Cable junction [/url] Bottom (dodgy repair)
  13. Sorry do you mean that you should see the cable move on the bottom of the kick stroke or on the bottom half of the press of the handle bar lever?
  14. I think that is where the crank case breather goes,, I'm talking about the smaller tube that I circled in red. It's got a clamp mark on the end but I can see any nipple it is supposed to go on Manual is no help for this I'll take a photo tonight of the little bottle as well
  15. Just bought the manual, $16 in pdf form off some guy on ebay Kind of feel cheated but i needed it. Just FYI valve clearances are 0.003" exhaust and 0.002" for intake. Float height is 12.5mm (spewing i adjusted them to 96 model spec a couple hours ago!)
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