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  1. kawi380

    Dungey Retired

    Way to go out on top!
  2. The Dunge is gonna mop up.
  3. This rivals the pic from MEC with the Dunge hand shifting the bike. Flat awesome [emoji15]
  4. kawi380

    Canard out for next weekend

    I'm thinking he's about done in this sport.
  5. kawi380


    I'm in and already in third place [emoji1360]
  6. kawi380

    Is this area open?

    Yep. Still open. It's called Desert Wells. It is state trust land so you need a trust pass to park your truck. As long as your bikes are registered they are covered.
  7. kawi380

    2016 Washougal Bench Racing

    Just one?!?!?
  8. kawi380

    Now That's Talent!

    Blazin' the log section like whoops! Guys are crazy.
  9. kawi380

    Bagget failed to make the main event last week

    There would have been way too much carnage.
  10. kawi380


    Best thread ever.
  11. kawi380

    Anderson needs to retire

    Part of his mojo. Only works on less skilled riders though.
  12. kawi380

    Ready to jump ship

    Hahahaha only those in CA can't have everything. The rest of us can.
  13. kawi380

    Emig butchered Savatgy's name...

    Pretty sure he said Versace. I've heard him called savatgy Versace before.
  14. kawi380

    Support The Sport Show Your Wiener Love

    People actually eat that stuff!?!?!
  15. kawi380

    Pricing for OEM parts

    I think I paid about $85 for a new oem system off fleabay.