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  1. driftevo361

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    looks like someone is having their period Whats the point of buying a White yzf if your going to make it black?
  2. driftevo361

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    that bike is super sick but those graphics are old, alot of people have them (alot of people have my graphics but...) your bike it to uniqque to have those. otherwise its spectacular
  3. i smell bottom out on the second picture:foul:
  4. driftevo361

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    no you need a new gas tank and radiator something and stuff so yeah:ride:
  5. driftevo361

    Hollister sunday morning? the 24th

    i went yesterday on monday. those trails are very easy. even the black diamonds werent as bad as i tohught. the mx track tho was a blast
  6. driftevo361

    Is it possible to get a street for a 2007 WR?

    i thought you were kidding at first. i went to michigan and it was miserable. well anyway, my friend brought his 2002 wr450 all of the way to arizona and got it legal there. he bought the baja designs kit and threw that on so now he can ride it on the street, and its practically green stickered
  7. driftevo361

    Yay Or Nay!

    i think it looks kind of cool like that. you need new graphics tho
  8. driftevo361

    who likes my bike?

    +2 on seat. if you dont have enough money to put into graphics, seat cover, and whatever else then i would say take them off. otherwise start doing your chores and save up
  9. driftevo361

    My sons first video

    horrible music. but the video was cool. your son is pretty dang good. where is carnigie?
  10. driftevo361

    My CRF450R with the MagikSc Touch!!!

    oh ok now i see
  11. driftevo361

    Yay Or Nay!

    he knows what he's talking about... he has a fat mullet, that thing is sick!
  12. thanks for the info about the 09. i want to see one of those on the track
  13. driftevo361

    My CRF450R with the MagikSc Touch!!!

    WOAH that looks amazing! did you custom make that megabomb? it looks huge, or is it just me? anyways great job on the bike (it would look pretty cool with black rims
  14. driftevo361

    Yay Or Nay!

    before pics? i would say get a black front number plate, and some darker graphics then maybe yay? i dont know hahha
  15. driftevo361

    ouch....fo seriousssss.

    take as many pictures as you can of your 144 before you crash it (if you ever will) . your boyfriend has a awesome bike!