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  1. Screw the Cashew People. They’re all nuts, anyway. [emoji849]
  2. That’s an awful long boat you’ve got there. Are you trying to compensate for something? [emoji533][emoji6]
  3. I’m kinda curious. Have you ever eaten at Mothers? I’ve heard it’s a vegan place so I’ve always been afraid to stop. [emoji488]🥩[emoji491]
  4. https://www.harborfreight.com/step-stool-working-platform-66911.html I use one of those Harbor Freight step stools. The perfect height for stepping up to the bed and good for all kinds of other stuff. [emoji106]
  5. Man! I love those broken down little back roads like that. [emoji39] Unfortunately, three miles of gravel will keep me away from that one. ☹️
  6. I sure hope the brewery wasn’t damaged at all during the quakes. [emoji482]
  7. Doesn't combustion pressure provide load on the rings? Lots of combustion going on during free revs. Hard acceleration in a too high a gear loads crank and rod bearings. That's not so desirable.
  8. A lot of people must've missed the memo. There's still plenty of new homes being built and traffic is worse than ever. If it takes some earthquakes to get people to leave, then I'll take my chances with the quakes.
  9. I was in a Home Depot a 130 miles away. I felt a slight swaying for about 10 seconds.
  10. The Triumph 1200 XE. Don’t know if it’s the best, but it sure is cool. It’s, supposedly, pretty good off-road,too.
  11. That’s good beer too. It somewhat hard for me to find down here, though. Getting back on topic, I’ve been riding alone for about two years now. Everyone seems to have petered out and I still want, and am able to ride. It took a while, but now I’m enjoying it. My goggles and air filter stay clean forever.[emoji23] I go where I want,and at my own pace. I really like the solitude. That does more for me than any damn therapist could ever do.
  12. Good video. I like the "extra grip" tires. An early version of claw action perhaps?
  13. Oh, come on now! You guys know that there are plenty of times that speed just isn’t possible. Tight, twisty, rocky, lovely sand washes are one example. There’s a lot of fun sand washes around the OW area. And, yeah, it probably is kinda hot down there this time of year.[emoji16]
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