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  1. luvmythumper

    newmexico Riding in Southern New Mexico

    Hey Guys, I am going to visit my daughter in Texas. Driving the toy hauler from Arizona and have a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on some fun off road riding in Southern New Mexico? Better yet, anyone interested in doing some riding. I will be coming through beginning of February. Ihave a plated KTM500. A level rider. Not bringing the MX bike,so off road only. Cheers!
  2. luvmythumper

    texas Riding near Abilene

    Hey guys, I am taking a roadtrip for a couple weeks. Will be visiting my daughter in Abilene near the beginning of February. Bringing my toyhauler so can drive and camp a little. Coming from Arizona and would like to do some riding. Any riding near Abilene? Better yet, anyone want to do some riding. You show me around and I'll buy the beers. I have a plated KTM 500. A level rider. Not bringing the mx bike so looking for off road stuff. Cheers! Rod
  3. luvmythumper

    2009 Sherco 3.2L four stroke

    Bike is for sale and is in great shape. Ventura County, CA. Very low hours, not ridden for last couple of years. New tires, chain, sprockets. Also have spare carb, breaks, and many other parts. Everything in running order and great shape. Not registered but have the certificate of origin. I also have some obstacles in the back yard you are welcome to. $4000 Also, a like new pair of Gaerne trials boots, size 10. Worn maybe 5 times. $200. Call Rod at 805 233-4526
  4. luvmythumper

    Acerbis 3 gallon tank install

    Great, that is what I thought. I just wanted to make sure before removing the compression clamps!!
  5. luvmythumper

    Acerbis 3 gallon tank install

    Thanks roost, but I guess I am not being clear. After I am all set attaching to the fuel pump as it exits the tank. Now I need to go from the tank to the quick disconnects that feed the injector. All I was sent was a piece of fuel line. How do I connect that to the existing fuel lines that feed the injector/throttle body? My thought was I could remove the "thick" fitting from the stock fuel line and attach it to my new "thin" fitting. Just checking to see if that is how it is done. Thanks
  6. Hey guys, got the 3 gallon Acerbis tank for my 2013 500 exc. For the fuel line I see they gave me a new threaded piece to attach to the fuel pump that accommodates the thinner tank. How do I connect this new piece to the quick disconnect? Do I disassemble the original quick disconnect and now connect it to this new part? thanks
  7. luvmythumper

    Boquet canyon open???

    Anyone know if Boquet is open or if the fires have it shut down?
  8. luvmythumper

    California Registering out of state bike

    Hey all, need some help on the best way to register an out of state dirt bike. I am buying a bike from a friend. We have title from Kentucky. It was sold to a guy in California in 2013. He shows as the person buying it on the title. He never registered it. It was then sold to my buddy and he never registered it. So, what is the best way to go about this? I know I will have to pay some penalties, my buddy will help with that, but I don't want to end up in dmv hell. Any suggestions on the best way to do this?
  9. I have a 2015 450. Have valved suspension with about 20 hours of testing. Also ended up with 20mm offset clamps. I have found the setting I like best but still running into a little head shake up front and a little wallowing in the rear that changing sag isn't fixing. Anyways, I bought the devol adjustable link to see if I can get it better. My question: To start testing do you just put the link in, then start working with sag, then fork height, then clickers (my normal routine)? I was thinking with the longer link the rear will be stiffer so it may make sense to soften the rear and slow down the rebound right away. Also figured raising the forks would make sense. Just looking for some advice to help me get started. BTW - Ride 100% moto, vet intermediate.
  10. luvmythumper

    2015 maps for Dr D full system

    Thanks 15thumper. The first map you posted is for a 2015. I used it and WOW. That thing rips. It was a bit much for me even on a wide open MX track. I will need to detune it slightly, but it is much closer to what I like than stock. And YZUSMCf is correct. The starting point in the ECU is different for a 2014 than a 2015 so the maps will not have the same effect. I guess you could figure out the difference between a 2014 and 2015 and then convert 2014 maps. Anyways, you got me close to what I am looking for. Thanks
  11. luvmythumper

    Lowering link vs sag

    Thanks MLA. I understand better.
  12. luvmythumper

    Lowering link vs sag

    Can someone help me understand the difference between putting on a lowering link (longer link arm) vs. just compressing the spring (decreasing sag). The amount of increased length for the linkage does not seem like it is enough to really change the leverage curves. I am sure there must be something it does differently, but not sure what that is. Thanks
  13. luvmythumper

    2015 maps for Dr D full system

    Thanks Conner, but looking for 2015. Can't seem to find much on 2015 models.
  14. luvmythumper

    2015 maps for Dr D full system

    If you have the Dr D maps for the 2015 can you post? I called and they are out testing today. I have my new system on and would like to try some of the maps tomorrow. Thanks!
  15. I have searched the forum and there is a lot of info on 2014 models, but very little on 2015. Does anyone have a few maps they have tested with the full DR D system on a 2015 bike?