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  1. enjoi_yo

    CR250 vs KX250

    I've rode both and I like the way the kx sits better, but I'd just test ride them both and see which one you feel more comfortable on. It's all a matter of opinion.
  2. enjoi_yo

    Clutch Problem.

    Thanks that helps alot. Looks like I'll be getting a new clutch cable tomorrow
  3. enjoi_yo

    Clutch Problem.

    It may be just slipping. I see what your saying now though and will try that tomorrow. Sorry for so much questions but I just stress about my bike but what exactly do you mean by slipping. Like slipping in and out of nuetral?
  4. enjoi_yo

    Clutch Problem.

    That's what someone said but why when I shift it goes in and out of the gear?
  5. enjoi_yo

    Clutch Problem.

    I love my bike and would hate to sell. Beside today it's never disapointed me but it's getting a little old and if the problem does involve the clutch and cost over 600 I might just have to get a new bike for the moment and do a total rebuild on the kx.
  6. I was riding today at a local track and shifted and it felt like it wouldn't go into gear. It'd shift and then I'd rev the motor and it would feel like it would go into nuetral or I pulled the clutch in and then it would go into gear and it would keep doing that. When I got off the track I shifted to first and the clutch got real hard to pull in. I really need answers because I don't know if I just need to sell the bike and get a new one or if it's worth it to fix. It's a 2000 kx125.
  7. I taught my girlfriend on my old bike and she did fine, but other friends who I know will try and top it out I won't let ride because I know they will end up laying it down.
  8. enjoi_yo

    2 stroke or 4 stroke?

    The 4 stroke vs. 2 stroke maintainance topic is a very opinionated topic but for me I would keep my 125 over a 250 4 stroke anyday. Maintainance wise I'd say I've spent about 50-100 dollars this season on my bike vs. my friends 500+ and I never ride without him. Yes, I do need a top end but that's still only 100-150 dollars if you can do it yourself vs. the large ammount needed for a 4 strokes topend. Also tires I feel wear out a bit more on my bike rather than my buddies but still thats nothing compared to what he will have to pay when he needs a new topend and other misc. work that will happen this winter. I am also 5'9 120-130 pounds and I feel like I still don't ride my smoker like it should be ridden. Maybe I am a little biased but I'd say go with the 2 rather than the 4.
  9. enjoi_yo

    Painting plastics?

    eh, I decided to just sell the bike.
  10. enjoi_yo

    Painting plastics?

    I wouldn't do it. I did on my KLR and I did everything I thought would prevent cracking and chipping but after my first crash you could see the original paint chipping through the new paint.
  11. enjoi_yo

    Black crf's!!!

    I'm thinking about doing that to the Kawi but I've heard scatches show up alot more than it would on the green or in your case red
  12. enjoi_yo

    Cleaning Air Filters !?!?!??

    PJ-1 work great. Just spray it with that then rinse it with a hose and oil it when it dries.
  13. enjoi_yo

    Pics of the badass bikes

    I believe he said the side plates were a custom fuel cell but I guess it's just a matter of opinion and having an open mind towards all the aspects of building/ owning a dirtbike.
  14. enjoi_yo

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Do you have more before pictures?