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  1. All the pro's that I know who use Rekluse/run rekluse covers on their bikes are using manual stuff. A pro who runs rekluse is just trying to avoid stalling the bike...thats the only possible advantage anyone (including a pro) who is stalling a lot needs to work on setup/clutch skills.
  2. YES YES I have owned the Rekluse, training wheels for your left hand. I had a very lightly used KX450F I bought from a friend at one time. The first thing I did was remove that junk and sell it. There is no reason that anyone needs an auto clutch. Just learn how to properly use the manual clutch. some bikes are more prone to stalling due to compression/ignition timing/general manners, etc so I suppose I am sympathetic to that situation where the auto clutch is concerned, but the bulk of my riding/racing over the last ten years has been on KX450f's and now YZ450FX's . These are not stall prone bikes and the rekluse is totally unnecessary and serves only to give a delay when power is applied and make it difficult to actually know what gear you are in at times. I also hate automatic clutch ATV's, and that is essentially what your rekluse turns your race bike into- an auto clutch beginner oriented atv
  3. I have ridden a lot of rekluse equipped bikes and hate it
  4. agreed, six speed or just a close ratio five speed with taller final gearing. the gap to third is atrocious on the east coast. It is my understanding that the 19 model is much better
  5. Pretty sure any 14-17 would work. I put a '14 YZ-F trans in my FX and it is the best mod anyone could do to the bike. The gap between second and third is so bad in technical trail/tight racing conditions that I really am astounded that they delivered the bike with that setup. Yamaha must have tested the damn thing in baja.....certainly not on anything resembling east coast racing conditions
  6. lol running up into high RPM's and approaching the limiter is NOT how you ride a 450 smoothly for a two hour race....or at all for that matter.
  7. Im going to Have to go ahead and kind of disagree on the 16 valving being bad. for what I ride, the suspension on this bike is the best I have had, I added some oil to the forks for bottoming resistance and tuned accordingly. Better than any of the Kawasaki KYB stuff I have had valved for my weight in the past, and it's just stock. I have only seen videos of guys riding in the desert in the western US and I can tell you that type of riding has almost nothing in common with east coast type stuff, so maybe that is a factor
  8. $215 shipped/from ebay for a very nice,complete YZ450F gearset. seller parting out a 2014. paid maybe another $100 for a few gaskets, one shift fork and new piston rings. so about 315 total. so far it is good, though the few short test rides have been on snotty/frozen ground. we are having a crappy weather snap here in NC
  9. well, my complete 450F trans came yesterday. Hopefully today a few gaskets and one shift fork will show up and it will be 450FX engine reassembly time
  10. I actually just bought a complete 450F trans and will probably install the whole thing. I thought about keeping the granny first gear- may still do it
  11. the huge jump is actually between second and third. oh the irony...I start discussing transmission gear swaps and yesterday the fifth wheel gear in my FX transmission grenaded...broke the engagement dogs to bits and destroyed my right shift fork as well. I pulled the engine and split it today. no case damage...just fragged gear and smeared shift fork.I will probably put a complete moto trans in as long as it's apart... also rich in the irony dept: I bought this Yamaha over other electric start off road race bikes because of its reputation for indestructibility .... or not
  12. probably right. On top of that, the trans just locked up while I was rding a while ago, suspect a fragged gear I rode KX450f's for nine years without a single issue- put 300+ hours on at least five of them. They are bulletproof. My Yamaha FX experience is off to a rough start
  13. I hate auto clutches....training wheels for your left hand Im going to try the 52 tooth option and see how it goes. my initial research indicates that I can get the six gears and gaskets I would need for $415.... thinking it over
  14. I got the FX because I ride and race this bike in off road events, hare scrambles, etc. It is better than the standard 450F in every other way for m use. The massive gaps between second and third gear and between third and fourth have got the engine constantly on the edge of bogging in tight, east coast conditions/ especially third, I need it to pull third smoothly the majority of the time and as it is , right on the edge of bogging, it does not This is the case even with a 51 tooth rear. 52 teeth would be a bandaid fix just like the 51, but too much of a bandaid- it would make the first gear (granny gear) totally useless, make second too low as well. I may test a 52 just for the hell of it but Im pretty sure it would just shift my problem with third and fourth down to a problem with first and second
  15. I live on the east coast and hate the wide ratio trans on my 450FX. I am seriously considering putting standard YZ gears in- just for gears 3,4 and 5. I actually like the granny gear first, and second is almost the same as the standard YZ Question is, has anyone done this mod, about how much did parts cost, total? It appears I will need six gears (3 pinion gears , 3 wheel gears) and a bunch of gaskets