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    520 e/xc RFS: How far between oil changes?

    I change after 15 hours of riding, regardless of the mileage.
  2. Paul_Mooney

    Best handling- ktm 450 exc or yamaha wr 450?

    KTM IS more agile. I have ridden both bikes on the same 5 km loop.
  3. Paul_Mooney

    Chain Adjustment

    I also have been using 4 full fingers between swing arm and chain for setting tension for two full seasons.....no problems.....
  4. Paul_Mooney

    Skidplate questions?

    After poking a hole in my E-line skidplate, I purchased a bashplate from BB Aluminum.......Great fit, coverage, finish, and easy to mount. Has hole for lower screen removal and slot for removing oil drain bolt. I am pleased with this product. Its from Australia and the price compared to Canadian dollar was good. Check'm out : www.bbaluminum.com
  5. Paul_Mooney

    450exc vs. wr450?

    ROCKY + SLICK + TIGHT = 450 EXC !
  6. Paul_Mooney

    Alberta Riders

    Banffboy: From my experiences here in Ontario, you folks better hop on this quick and make sure you have representation to provide formal input into the planning process. Good luck!
  7. Paul_Mooney


    Does anyone know if Golden Spectro has ester oils in its Fully Synthetic oil. It doesn't mention that on thier website? Thanks Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
  8. Paul_Mooney


    I change oil every 15 hours (as per manual) or slightly less depending if the next ride will put me over that time limit.
  9. Paul_Mooney

    not enough free stuff these days

    A W E S O M E ! ! ! Thanks alot!!!
  10. Paul_Mooney

    Oil Change help!

    On my 01 400, the first oil change required the use of an impact driver (guess ya can add that to your tool list). Used torque wrench and proper torque when installing and I haven't had a problem since.
  11. Paul_Mooney

    What is the best Enduro- KTM450 or Yamaha WR450

    I rode both 450's a few weeks ago. 1/2 hr on each machine, same tails. I preferred 450 KTM.
  12. Paul_Mooney

    Spokes & torque

    Check out this link for an answer to your question:www.akotorque.com/usefull.htm My spokes are torqued to 48 in.lb
  13. Paul_Mooney

    RFS Small/Large Service Kit interval

    I have 105 hours on my 2001 400 EXC. Have not used any of the service kits......oil change every 15 hours.
  14. Paul_Mooney

    Boxer's Fracture

    Scotty Calabogie will be 3 weeks from when I broke it.....I WILL BE THERE.....might have to just ride the easier stuff, but wouldn't miss one of the highlights of the season....
  15. Paul_Mooney

    Boxer's Fracture

    , . OPTIK: No I am not related to Pat Mooney that I know of. KATOOM 312: Broke mine on the brush guard also, only throttle hand....kept ridin also, but it swelled real bad. Went to see doc. next day......thanks for info