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  1. ttr250dude

    Winter Premix, please read first!

    I ran Amsoil Dominator in my snowcross sled for a few seasons in as low as -10* F with no issues. No excessive smoke and always ran crisp. Smelled good too.
  2. ttr250dude

    Stock clicker settings?

    I've searched and looked in the manual. All I can find is suggested starting points and why you should adjust them. Does anyone have the actual factory clicker settings for the shock and forks? Thanks, Bill.
  3. ttr250dude

    Which piston ring goes on top?

    I'm asking about the piston rings. Anyone?
  4. I'm rebuilding my top end with all OEM parts. I noticed that one ring is a dark gray color and the other is kind of a bronze-ish color. Which one goes on top? It's an '08 450. Thanks in advance! Bill
  5. ttr250dude

    What type of ball hone do I need?

    What grit should I use?
  6. ttr250dude

    What type of ball hone do I need?

    Would there be any harm if I use the wrong type of ball hone?
  7. ttr250dude

    What type of ball hone do I need?

    For $43 I'll just use the ones here at school.
  8. ttr250dude

    What type of ball hone do I need?

    Why not? Can anyone else chime in? I've never heard of a cylinder that doesn't need cross hatching with a new top end.
  9. It's an '08 450f. What type of ball hone do I need?
  10. ttr250dude

    What do i need for a valve adjustment?

    I cant find the specs in there??
  11. I've got a brand new AGV AX-8 helmet for sale. Solid white, size XL. This is AGV's top of the line mx style helmet. Retail is $370, I'm selling it for $210. Located in Phoenix.
  12. What parts and tools do I need to get my valves back in spec? Thanks, Bill
  13. ttr250dude

    What should i pay for this '02 250?

    Anybody? What's a fair price for a clean '02 250 in great condition?
  14. 2002 YZ 250 in excellent condition, like new. FMF Fatty and Shorty, and a few other aftermarket things. The owner hasn't ridden it in about 3 years. He's asking $2,000, KBB is $1,675, and I would have to ship it which would be a few hundred bucks. What do you think I should offer?
  15. What is involved in shipping a dirt bike? Does it need to be crated? Or can it be left open like shipping a car? What kind of companies do this kind of shipping?