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  1. LowridinCRF

    02 CR250 won't clean out

    Thanks pieplatesnductape! You got me to open the carb up to find I still had it jetted too rich.
  2. LowridinCRF

    02 CR250 won't clean out

    Now it's running MUCH better! Maybe too lean because of a high idle & surging in the corners. Should I move to the blue needle 3rd and then adjust the air screw to richen it up? Also I have a Scary Fast Power now I've been wanting to try once the jetting gets dialed in. Has anyone tried this on a CR250?
  3. LowridinCRF

    02 CR250 won't clean out

    Pump gas 93, Honda HP 40:1 Main 400 As 1 3/4 (was 1) Sj 32.5 Red needle 3rd (was 5th) Float 15mm (without a guage) Last time I messed with it was in Feb. when it was MUCH colder. I banged myself up pretty bad on the 450 1st mx race of the season in March so I haven't been on the 250 since. Moved the clip up into 3rd & ran out the air screw to 1 3/4 like the JD instructions said. I'll woods it tomorrow and see how she runs. Hope I can get it right cause really don't want to buy a new carb.
  4. My 02 CR250 with V3 & Gnarly/Shorty woods bike truly is a 2 smoker which won't clear out and rev quick and clean like it's supposed to. I've tinkered up and down with a JD kit, air screw, clean new air filter, spark plugs etc... Still getting smoke & fair amount of spooge before & after a new cylinder/power valve, piston change. Is the R/ crank seal the culprit?? What else should I check while it's opened up? They always say "All you got to do is ask"
  5. LowridinCRF

    06 CRF450R Muffler re-pack

    Re-packed the stock one today with the screen. I took apart the mangled Jardine RT4 that was on it & it didn't have a screen glad I kept the original coz can't afford new one Thanks for the advice
  6. LowridinCRF

    06 CRF450R Muffler re-pack

    Do I have to re use the screen/mesh that's around the core, or can I just use the fiberglass material by itself like on my 2 smoker? Oh yeah, watch out drilling the rivets. The bit walked over and said HELLO to my left hand that was holding on to the can...