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  1. kdxphonedude

    ok i've narrowed it down

    Either one of those bikes would do, but the 220 looks nicer.
  2. kdxphonedude

    Help upgrading from CRF230

    That would be a perfect bike for you.
  3. kdxphonedude

    What bike should I get for trails

    That KDX looks real good. Offer 1200 for it, it's worth it. I've got 2 of them.
  4. kdxphonedude

    I need help

    Naw, the 2-strokes are more fun. About the same power, just delivered differently. And 2-strokes are cheaper to rebuild.
  5. kdxphonedude

    I need help

    Get the 125 2-stroke.
  6. kdxphonedude

    what to look for '93 kdx 200

    Congrats. Hopefully at a good price.
  7. kdxphonedude

    In Search of 2006 200 XCW (specific) Pipe

    Take the silencer to a muffler shop so they can cut it and flange it also. That might work.
  8. kdxphonedude

    Stolen 2008 KLX450R Indianapolis

    Great to hear!!
  9. kdxphonedude

    2 Stroke Therapy

    That was one of the coolest videos I've seen. Great scenery, cool music and the view was awesome. Great job.
  10. kdxphonedude

    YZ 125 or KTM 200 for trails

    You had better jump on that KDX now before it gets sold. Sub-2000 bux for a 2000 1-owner model is a good buy.
  11. kdxphonedude

    2 stroke running a little rough?

    Try a new spark plug.
  12. kdxphonedude

    1996 kdx 200 value

    96's had purple tank/seat/tool bag/fork boots. It may not be a 96.
  13. kdxphonedude


    Go buy you a new YZ 250x. You’ll learn how to ride it quickly and won’t be disappointed. JMO
  14. Check those KdX’s out. They can be lowered and make a great first (or second) bike
  15. kdxphonedude

    should i get a kdx200 or keep my dr250r

    Get a KDX. Great bike!