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  1. Good choice.
  2. I have a '95 and a '96 KDX.
  3. That XR looks sweet, but the KDX is indestructible too. New top end for about $200.
  4. I've been to Michigan once. I would love to go to WVA.
  5. We usually to go to Haspin, but haven't been there this year. I have a friend with a little bit of property about 10 min away so we've been going there. My 12 yr old needs some more seat time before we go back to Haspin. I'll bet you've been there a few times. I first went there around 1992, on a 77 IT 175. POS but it got the job done.
  6. Yea I know. It sucks.
  7. I live north of Indy in Noblesville.
  8. I had one of these, but i didn't look anywhere near that good.
  9. Use a full quart of oil in the transmission. It will quiet down the noise.
  10. Was the engine installed in the bike when you got it? EDIT**On KDXRIDER.NET, there is a whole section on the hows and whys of doing this.
  11. Just let it drain out while having a beer. When your finished with the beer, it will be ready to refill with oil.
  12. The oem silencer doesn't have packing. There is a bolt underneath it that you remove and beat it with a rubber mallet to knock the spooge out (seriously).
  13. Yamacool from the Yamaha dealer.
  14. Did you ever have one that smokes white smoke? My sons does that and short of a top end I don't know what to do for it. Rebuilt carb, adjusted valves, still runs kinda poorly. And smokes.
  15. I think your missing a part/washer. You need to pull it back apart. It ain't that much to do it.