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  1. I think he means TM are good bikes but hard enduro is not their “target market” maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I got out of it.
  2. looks like Beta has something brewing for 2020!
  3. He was a bit too vague about what his issue/struggle was/is. I got the impression maybe he got addicted to one of the meds he was prescribed. If that’s the case then I understand more his struggle. Otherwise, yeah we all have injuries we overcome. Just my 2 cents!
  4. Just picked up a CR250, may be in for a shake down run. I’ll let you know by tomorrow
  5. https://clarkemfg.com/tanks/product-category/beta/
  6. Clark has a 3.8 gallon tank. I think Boano might have one too. There is also a way to fit an IMS 3.1 gallon tank from a 2013+ Beta, look at get dirty dirt bikes for the how to. Good luck.
  7. Rain, shine or snow....I'll be ready to ride at 9:30am tomorrow morning. Be there or be square.
  8. I was there a couple of weeks ago....LOTS of downed trees on the trails. But fun, as always!!
  9. According to nadaguides.com (attached) http://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/2012/Beta/RS-520-497cc/Values
  10. Was that a GasGas in one of those pictures?!
  11. I will have to take a rain check for today, but will join you soon for a ride. I'm up in Downey so not too far from you! Enjoy the ride, it's a beautiful day out.
  12. My first thought is, how do you know they were Crips and not Bloods?! Secondly, stop riding at night in Long Beach! I am sure there is not a NEED to ride at night so just be safe and stop doing something that puts you in harms way. If you have to ride at night make sure you don't make the turn down that "side street" where you know you'll run into trouble. Now that they've seen you have a bike (and chased you) make sure you at least have theft coverage for it too.
  13. I have one. Send me a PM for details
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