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  1. BlackBeast

    What the h*ll was that?

    I wasn't visiting this forum for a while as I just couldn't wrap my "eyes" around that new format & now I'm glad I checked in again.
  2. BlackBeast

    Auxiliary LED Brake lights

    Shannon, I think you are looking for these:- http://www.hyperlites.com/stdsf.html We have them on both DR's and they work like a charm.
  3. BlackBeast

    DR 650 Snowbike!!

    This is the best mod on a DR ever. Awesome.
  4. BlackBeast

    Looking for battery charging ideas

    My battery charger came with an SAE connector that is permanently hard-wired to the bike. Had to pick up an extra SAE connector from the local Radio Shack so that I can alternate both our DR's to the battery charger. Have them zip tied to the fram and pops out just behind the side panels. Plug and play when I want to charge.
  5. BlackBeast

    Most common oil leak location on new DR650's

    Both the '07 & the '09 models will have a metal base gasket and is seldom the problem these days. The leak you describe is possibly from the chain tension gasket. We had the same problem with one of ours, used some baby powder to find the exact weep, then cleaned with brake cleaner and replaced with new gasket, it's about a $2,50-$3.00 part. Hope that helps.
  6. BlackBeast

    Just farkled the #*!! out of my 09 DR...

    Where's the pics?
  7. BlackBeast

    The start of something big. A DR Journey!

    Good job, bike is looking sweet.
  8. BlackBeast

    Aux lights on A DR

    Now that you have the flood and euro beam, which would you suggest going with?
  9. BlackBeast

    Best wind-blocking hand guards?

    I have a pair of cycra pro guards and there do cut out the wind a fair bit. The best will be the elephant ears type of protection.
  10. BlackBeast

    Group buy DR650 Elka Shock

    I'm interested in this upgrade however keen to see pics of the shock installed and some rider feedback.
  11. BlackBeast

    I'm now part of the DR family!

    Welcome aboard. Glad to see you haven't wasted any time in getting the farkles going.
  12. BlackBeast

    Where to mount aux fuse box on DR650?

    Wow, that's a cockpit to envy.
  13. BlackBeast

    Where to mount aux fuse box on DR650?

    I've mounted (velcro'd) a centech fusebox on top of the air box, next to the hole left behind after I removed the snorkel. The power wire that runs from the battery to the fuse box is fused as well. Have my GPS, heated grips, outlet for heated jacket and 12v outlet for my air compressor going to the fuse box and a voltmeter that goes straight to the battery.
  14. BlackBeast

    DR650 Choke Problems

    And if it persisits, you may have to remove the stock choke and install the hand choke.
  15. BlackBeast

    IMS Tank Overflow/Vent Hose

    I have safari on one of our bikes and an ims on the 2nd and have the fuel hose tucked in between the handlebar. Haven't had any issues as yet. Maybe shorten it a bit.