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  1. Also check the acc. pump in the carb.
  2. ncampion

    99 wr400 carb upgrade

    Hmmmm.... It appears that Edelbrock has stopped selling dirt bike carbs. They still make carbs for Harleys. Too bad.
  3. ncampion

    99 wr400 carb upgrade

    I won't be back to my home in Mexico where the bike is for a couple more weeks. I'll try to tae a look at the model # then. BRP will ship to UK no problem. Shoot them an email, I don't think they list the carbs in the catalog /https://brpmoto.com/
  4. ncampion

    Blowin Smoke

    The 400 is by far the most durable engine of the 400 - 450 line. They will run forever with simple maintance. It's just not that difficult to do a top end on one. More info on the smoke problem could probably nail down the problem a little better. The 400 motor does not use TI valves so even valve replacement is not that bad. I would say that if you like the bike either live with the smoke or do the top end.
  5. ncampion

    99 wr400 carb upgrade

    As a person who got tired of cleaning plugged pilot jets, replacing broken slides and retrieving slide parts out of the head, I changed to an Edelbrock carb years ago. There is a specific replacement pumper carb from Edelbrock for the WR, talk to Mike at BRP (800-834-0363). I would never go back to a finicky FCR of any year. The newer ones just got more complicated with more adjustments to get screwed up. The Edelbrock is easy to tune, no tools required and you can do it on the trail if needed. Once you get it dialed in(which took me about an hour) it stays that way. The only complaint I have is an occasional sticking float needle (sticks closed after sitting a long time) I fixed that with a clip on the needle that lets the float pull the needle open. As for the Edelbrocks being made of inferior metal, I have not seen that problem over several years of use - BTW, I live on the beach in Mexico - a highly corrosive environment. The final straw with my FCR was corrosion in the small internal passages that couldn't be cleaned out. Try the Edelbrock, I think you'll like it.
  6. ncampion

    WR400 replacement carb option?

    I got tired of the same problems that you mention and finally put on an Edelbrock carb. Never been happier. So simple to set up and never any plugged jets. Only problem I've had is a sticky needle jet once in a while and a knock on the side of the float bowl usually takes care of that. Good bye to FCR forever.
  7. ncampion

    No compression after replacing cam chain

    A broken cam chain will almost always result in one or more bent valves.
  8. Makes me cold just watching it. sorry, I live/ride in Baja
  9. ncampion

    Looking for some tire recommendations..

    Ever consider the Pirelli MT 43 trails tires? Just installed them on my WR along with the Tubliss system and I can't believe how good they work on all kinds of terrain. Run low air pressure (8 - 9 psi) and they stick better than any knobby I've tried. They also wear forever. They look funny on a dirt bike, but the DS guys are all switching to these. I love mine.
  10. ncampion

    Sending parts to Baja

    Here's a link to a guy I know in Loreto who has a shipping service for getting stuff from the US to Baja. I've used him and it works! www.bajaimportmail.com .
  11. ncampion

    Tecate to Cabo- Need Tire of Choice

    I live full time in Baja (Loreto) and that's where all my riding is. Rear wheel is still perfectly round, front has one flat spot (I still have a Maxiss on the front). Waiting for the front to wear out before I change to the MT43/Tublis on front also. I will admit that high speed on pavement is a little "squishy" in the rear, but I don't do much of that.
  12. ncampion

    Gas mileage

    Ever consider a trials tire on the rear like a Pirelli MT 43? They have incredible traction in the dirt (with 8 - 10lbs of air) are DOT legal for the street and get great mileage. The dual sport people are all starting to use them. Who knows, maybe if you put trials tires on you WR you could do this:
  13. ncampion

    1998 wr400

    Still riding my 98' WR400. Probably the most reliable WR made.
  14. ncampion

    Tecate to Cabo- Need Tire of Choice

    What's the debate? In my experience, there is no down side. Tubes are a pain in the A$$. I've not had a single flat with this setup and all I carry is a plug kit.
  15. ncampion

    12 year old cam chain

    Um, no they don't! The overall length of the chain does increase, but not due to "stretching", rather due to wear as I stated. In my personal experience, these chains do not wear excessively fast and do not need to be changed too often. This, of course, assumes good routine maintenance (e.g. oil changes) and no abuse (e.g. bouncing off the rev limiter in every gear). Of course, this is just one person's experience, although I do have 4 or 5 riding partners with WR's who also have the same experience.