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  1. Coastie3202

    650r where to buy carbon fiber fork guards

    My advice would be to go with the Precision Concepts guards. Yes they cost more but are very good quality, thicker and better finish and fit the BRP well. I went ahead and splurged and went with them and have no regrets.
  2. Coastie3202

    Plating in Oregon

    In a few more years I will be retiring from my job in New Mexico and moving back to the Oregon Coast. I'll be bringing my 650R with me. My BRP is currently plated in New Mexico. Since it is plated and titled for street in New Mexico will it be pretty easy to get it plated in Oregon? I think this is the first bike that I have had that I can actually say I will still have in 3 - 4 years. Guess I must like the Pig.
  3. Coastie3202

    Show your PIG

    Yep. That's what I did. I got some carbon fiber tape from an auto parts store. Thinking black duct tape may hold up better though.
  4. Coastie3202

    Show your PIG

    What did you do to close up the gap on the backside of the fork protectors? I have an approx 1" gap on mine.
  5. Coastie3202

    Show your PIG

    Precision Concepts
  6. Coastie3202

    Show your PIG

    Got the carbon fiber fork protectors installed today. Love em.
  7. Coastie3202

    Show your PIG

    Here is my newly refreshed BRP, an 05 that I am in love with. What a blast to ride.
  8. Coastie3202

    Alaska Riding Photos

    I used to live in a house next to Mill Bay Lake. To go to work I would ride up Pillar Mountain, and down the other side to a trail that put me close to the Lake Louise government housing then to work at the Coast Guard base. I would reverse the route coming home. Great stress relief going to work and at the end of the day. I miss the single track trails, loomy dirt, and tree roots everywhere. Great memories from the rock, even though I spent most of my time in the Bering doing fisheries law enforcement and search and rescue. The wife spent more time on the rock than I did. I may be coming back up this summer with my daughter, who was born there, to do some fishing in the Buskin.
  9. Coastie3202

    First Time Riders

    I had such a blast today. My 28 year old daughter has been bugging me to teach her to ride dirt bikes. So my friends at Rio Yamaha loaned us a Yamaha TTR 125. I took the TTR, my 450X, the wife and daughter and went out to the desert to give some riding lessons. Within the first 15 minutes my daughter was tearing up and down a trail, shifting up and down, braking correctly, and just generally acting like she has been riding for a while. Then my wife got on the TTR and was doing almost the same thing. They both made me so proud. The daughter was debating between getting a dirt bike or a quad. After today she said that she definitely wants a dirt bike. The TTR is too small for her, so she is going to buy a WR 250F, and she wants to buy my wife the TTR 125, which fits her perfectly as she is only about 5'1" and 110 lbs. Was my daughters riding style today flawless? Nope. I took her down one section of trail that had a lot of sand. Her confidence got the best of her and down she went. But she was laughing as she got up and the wreck did not discourage her from riding. I took her down that trail on purpose to teach her to take it easy until she has more experience, and to find out if she was going to be one of those learners that quits after the first wreck. As I said...I had a blast today.
  10. Coastie3202


    Thinking about buying my daughter (29 years old) an 09 WR 250X as her first dirt bike. Will be getting the bike in dirt trim as the dealer is going to put knobbies on the bike instead of the street tires. Does this seem like a good bike for her to learn on? I want her to get something that she will not rapidly outgrow (skill wise).
  11. Coastie3202

    Need some help on my technique

    All great advice. But don't forget one very basic and very simple thing - tire pressure. What type of terrain are you riding. You need to have your tire pressure set to the terrain you ride and your comfort level. I find that if I have my tires overinflated in sand my front end washes out easier, if I have it underinflated it will dive on me. Also make sure that your rebound and compression settings on your forks are balanced (i.e. both forks have the same clicks out from hard. Riding style may also help. Move up on the seat so that your crotch is practically on the tank, inside foot out, outside foot pressing on the outside peg, and you should be able to rail most turns. Oh, and keep those elbows up and you should be looking where you want to go, not right in front of the tire.
  12. Coastie3202

    Need to buy dirtbike boots

    I agree with the Thor Quadrants. I have been using them for about a year and am very happy with them. My boots before the Thors were Sidi's. I was happy with the Sidi's but can't see spending that kind of money again.
  13. Does anyone use the short Dirt Skins as seal savers? I currently have Seal Savers on the bike, but also have a pair of the short Dirt Skins. Seems like the Dirt Skins would be more convienant because you can easily take them off when cleaning or checking the seals. Just wondering if the velcro closures would scratch the fork sliders, and whether the Dirt Skins would stay in place.
  14. Coastie3202

    14/48 vs. 13/48

    LOL. The hi-jacked thread doesn't bother me. It was actually pretty entertaining. From reading through other gearing threads I have come to the conclusion that running 13/48 would be best for me. I run in the desert and in the mountains and really don't want to switch C or rear sprockets all the time. Thanks for everyone's assistance.