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  1. turbo993

    Considering a Xtrainer....opinions please

    Buy it you will love it !!! change the oil in the forks to 15 wt and ride on
  2. turbo993

    What kind of armor do you guys use?

    leatt is the best
  3. turbo993

    Health issues from riding

    Try some fox padded ride shorts
  4. turbo993

    Spark Plug Size Warning 300RR

    The more space the spark plug takes up the higher the compression
  5. turbo993

    HALLOWEEN HILL ... hmmmm?

  6. turbo993

    cylinder decking

    I did this on a yamaha 250 1998 i milled 1 mill and the ran 2 head gaskets which evened out the compression it ran great Take a look at the ports when the piston is at the bottom you will see how much you need to go down so the ports match the piston
  7. turbo993


    Did anybody do the ALTA test ride in Hollister, What did you think i missed it
  8. turbo993

    Ballinger Canyon

    Is the canyon rideable
  9. Put on a gnarly pipe and 7 weight oil in the fork and you will love it  more

    1. wwguy


      LOL, are you replying to a specific post I made?  I've been pretty happy with the Xtrainer's stock pipe with the PV wound out flush.  It's great for creeping up narrow trails in the high country.  But I do admit that I've wondered how it would feel with the the PV spacer removed + a gnarly pipe.

      I've replaced the stock Olle forks with Marzocchi 48 mm CC forks.  They've already got 7.5 wt oil in them.

  10. turbo993

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Pozo, hangover ride sunday 9am
  11. turbo993

    Air fork

    Krainne What you mean i always get big air!!!! lol
  12. turbo993

    Air fork

    The oil is in the other side, The fork the spring is by itself
  13. turbo993

    Air fork

    I am going to try. Looking for a spring side cap if anybody has a used one.
  14. turbo993

    Air fork

    Iam thinking about machining a new fork cap on my XT to handle a air valve to be able to adj the forks for different riding conditions and leave the springs in what do you guys think ?
  15. turbo993

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Raining in dez, Its time for a dez run