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  1. motocrosschump

    KX 450 wont start, need ideas

    Valve Clearance? you try bump starting it?
  2. motocrosschump

    2008 KX 450 Weird engine noise

    What was the outcome of this?
  3. motocrosschump

    2013 KX450F kick starter kicking back

    IDLE it down
  4. motocrosschump

    Has anyone had this happen? Lost a CAM weight from....

    Was it making any weird noises before letting go?
  5. motocrosschump

    what are the valve clearances for a 2011 kx450f?

    Should the bike be warm before checking clearance?
  6. motocrosschump

    2012 wont start

    Using the Fast idle button?
  7. motocrosschump

    Strange 2003 YZ450F Hot bog/stall

    I am guessing a stator issue
  8. motocrosschump

    06 yz 250 cutting out

  9. motocrosschump

    Wiseco Pistons Vs. Oem

    I use Pro-X or OEM
  10. motocrosschump

    Dr.D's engine relocation kit

    So..I just bought a 2010 and the turning is horrific. You are saying Dropping the forks in the Clamps helps? Every bike in the past that pushed like this in the corner, raising the forks helped. So its opposite?
  11. motocrosschump

    fiberglass pipe guard...DIY

    Zip tie won't melt?
  12. motocrosschump

    '89 YZ250 WR Quits-Won't Start-Only backfires periodically

    Check to see if the woodruff key sheered off on the flywheel.
  13. motocrosschump

    Does this look right?

    It doesn't have fork gaurds on the 125? If that is the case, I definately would not trade unless the sell had a real good reason for taking them off.
  14. motocrosschump

    YZ85 Choke Question

    Will try..thanks
  15. motocrosschump

    YZ85 Choke Question

    Good Morning, my boy has a 2008 YZ85 and it screams. However there is a terrible bog coming off idle. It does great with choke on. I have screwed the air screw in to mimic the choke, however it does not help at all. Do you think the pilot is too small? I have cleaned the carb throughly (clean already) with no difference.