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  1. naughton666

    General Mn chit-chat

    Anyone on here running Tubliss set up with carbide tires? Not ice tires but the Trelleborg style. I was told you can't for some reason. Trying to get real riders input. Thanks
  2. naughton666

    Why doesn't my dirt bike start in gear?

    A trick I've heard that may or may not work is to rock the bike a little once your in gear and the engine is off. This helps release a bit of the plate tensions. And make sure you're at top dead center. A nice smooth kick. Don't ram the kick starter down to fast and practice.
  3. naughton666

    Why doesn't my dirt bike start in gear?

    That's a crock of shit. They're an awesome hare scramble bike. Our top Minnesota hare scramble d23 guy rips on his along with Jerry Robin so lets not spread bad opinions.
  4. naughton666

    wheels interchangeability

    Look for a set of Tusk wheels. I've had great luck with mine racing.
  5. naughton666

    YZ250FX Bar/Triple Clamp ?'s

    Read your owners manual. They are designed for 4different positions.
  6. naughton666

    procircuit linkage arm on 2016 yz250f

    Get back to me and let me know what you decide. I like that he took the time to tell me about who uses the different adjustments and their benefit. Good luck!
  7. naughton666

    procircuit linkage arm on 2016 yz250f

    Call Jgr and talk to the suspension guy. He sat with me over half an hr describing the benefits of an adjustable link. He wasn't trying to sell anything but was very informative to the benefits. It makes any type of riding more beneficial for the rear shock. Very nice guy. Tell him the guy who was at his kids swim meet in Rochester, Minnesota sent ya. I'm defiantly getting one when I get the money. Can't wait to try it.
  8. naughton666

    procircuit linkage arm on 2016 yz250f

    Go with Jgrmx
  9. naughton666

    anyone else ripping nobs off your mx32's

    Isn't anyone running the pirelli 32's? From everything I've read. Super comparable to the Dunlop
  10. naughton666

    Kickstarter wearing frame down

    I know. When I had my 08 the same thing started happening. I bought a 450 Kickstarter then found out it was the wrong one and wouldn't work. Bummer
  11. naughton666

    Kickstarter wearing frame down

    You need a new Kickstarter. The bearing and spring inside have worn out and over time have cause the pivot holder to wear. Buy a new Kickstarter and that's all you need. Trust me. My 08 was exactly the same
  12. I'd try a hardware store. Probably going to be your best bet
  13. naughton666

    Rekluse clutch In a wr250f

    Get the full. Don't go cheap. Either save for the full set up or wait.
  14. naughton666

    acerbis X-factor handguards

    Cycra.. Plus they have a new version