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  1. sellis

    WMA at Freestone

    We had gone to the WMA Cup down at Cycleranch in San Antonio. We had been going every year since 2002. Looking at the results for this year, there didn't seem to be even half the attendance the last year they held it over Thanksgiving. Too bad. I know Mikki Keller works hard to keep this sport going for the women.
  2. sellis

    TTR125L to CRF150?

    Excellent Post!!! I agree totally. I went from a TTR125L to the CRF150RB. I absolutely love it. I put on the flywheel weight and we put on the spark arrestor as well. I can keep up with the boys on the tight trails, they blow me away on the uphills though. They are on 250f's. I usually ride MX and it is just as good as most 250f's the other women are riding... I'm 5'3", 43 years old...
  3. sellis


    My husband was the same way a couple of weeks ago. I was coming up to a 35 ft tabletop that hadn't even come close to clearing in the past. I decided I was going to go for it. I shifted up to third and pinned it. I cleared it with no problem. Later in the day, one of the other Moms said my husband was hollering at me to slow down, I was going too fast... Now he expects me to jump it all the time ....
  4. sellis

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    We are about 45 minutes North of Liberal. Sounds like we just need to come up and meet you near Milford Lake. Haven't rode around there yet....
  5. sellis

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Six hour drive..... Track meet lasts all day on Saturday...
  6. sellis

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    I neglected to look at the school calendar. We have a League track meet on Saturday, so that leaves me out. Maybe next time....
  7. sellis

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    So are you ladies like really good riders? The kind that can hang with the guys? Thing is I am not that fast and I think I may be up around that area over the weekend with another female rider. Would love to come ride but don't want to drag the group down.
  8. sellis

    So I'm not so mechanically stupid...

    My 13 yo son complained last year his YZ85 didn't have as much power as it used to. I asked "Dad" if it could be the clutch. "Of, course not, he just isn't trying hard enough". Two months later after said son REFUSED to ride the bike, the bike was torn down to rebuild it to sell it. Lo and behold the clutch was comletely fried. "Hmmm... maybe it WAS the clutch" (We still sold the bike. Got a YZ125 instead) Fast forward a year. MY bike isn't going faster when I turn the throttle when it is hot. I made my complaint that it may be the clutch. I, of course, have no mechanical experience so that isn't the problem. A few weeks later the Hubby rode the bike from the finish line to the pits for me. When I met him at the trailer, "Has the clutch always felt like this?" :banghead: DOH!
  9. sellis

    Word to your Mother.

    Jeremy McGrath raced BMX until he was 14.
  10. sellis

    Check Out My Wife Hill Climbing

    how do you get back down???
  11. sellis

    Wife swap last friday

    The one last year was more MX related. This one was more street bike related. The Dad on this weeks show was riding around like a GOON on an old XR400 or such. The kids were on KTM 50's but they were just playing around in a field.
  12. sellis

    Winter's Here

    Sounds like they are still trying to run the races in Colorado Springs this weekend.
  13. sellis

    Help with clutch leaver breaking

    My son has broken a set of ASV levers. We finally taught him not to crash!
  14. sellis

    Trackside software??

    Like I said before, each race starts blank and you drag and drop the race order in. I can not believe that they put the Vet class towards the end each time on purpose. (Although it sure seems like the Vet class is one of the first couple of heats at supercross). DJW mentioned on the other board that the race order for 400 would be different that the race order for 180, and I believe that to be true. Maybe you can take the race order from the megacross site as an example. It does say that any classes can be combined which can move the classes around anyway.... I am hoping to convince the family to race at Inman this weekend. There are races at Colorado Springs that my oldest wants to race at. Anyway, have a safe weekend....
  15. sellis

    Trackside software??

    Trackside starts each event with a blank slate. There is a list with every class that you have entries for and the number of riders in each class. You then drag and drop the classes into the specific motos. You can start with your pre-arranged race order if you want and then make adjustments as needed. As far as being there all day, have you looked into a split day program? www.srac.org runs minis and women and then all big bikes. They alternate the above between a morning program and afternoon program with a track prep in between. So one week the minis ride in the morning and then the next they ride in the afternoon. The afternoon schedule usually runs later than advertised, but they can get everyone in before dark. You know in advance if you are morning or afternoon, so if the Vets race in the afternoon, you can sleep in, have practice in the afternoon and then race. If you are in the morning, you are usually done by noon and can go home..... Sincerely...you know who....