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  1. kawabunga 750

    PACK IT/RACK IT...storage advice

    just steal a giant purse and put your crap in that. then you can wear it for a night on the town
  2. kawabunga 750

    needing new tires...and your pics

    look into procomps i have 35's on my 01 duelly diesel w/ 7 inch lift and they have 20k on them and look new. most of the time you can find a buy 3 get 1 free deal
  3. kawabunga 750

    Hauling Doubts

    go for it the darwin awards are comming up and you may be in the running if you try it
  4. kawabunga 750

    Summit racing

    people can have ona bad experience withe a certin product and they will label it as junk forever i also have run holleys for years on a tunnel rammed 440 mopar and zero problems opinions are like a$$ h--es everybody has one and most of them stink
  5. kawabunga 750

    the top 5 trucks

    late entry .my 01 dodge
  6. kawabunga 750

    '02 Ram 1500

    didn't say you were lame ....... its ol yz breath thats lame he's always got something to say about it remember when he was talking how fords were the best ? and now he's talking about all these dodges he's got or had. last i heard he had a f-250 and would not post a pic of it in another thread. all he could say was dodge sucked ...........what a poser 4 years is way more time than one needs to get to know a truck is what i'm saying and hey nothing wrong w/ a 4 year lease
  7. kawabunga 750

    '02 Ram 1500

    yea 4 years is not long enough to "get to know a truck ":rolleyes:
  8. thats the only way to roll a dodge
  9. i assume that thing has a cummins in it if not then its just another under powered pick-up and you may want to retract that statement :smirk where is your rebel flag and your piss on chevy or ford guy ???
  10. yea gotta say those balls are sssstuuuppppiidddddd:bonk:
  11. its not a chevy but it works for me 01 3500 5.9 cummins 7in lift 4in banks exhaust edge tuner 125 hp increase banks intake bosch injectors pioneer tunes 35 in pro comps tranny built to handle all the hp converter to help the tranny other than that its stock
  12. kawabunga 750

    PACK IT/RACK IT...storage advice

    this beeker8888 fellow asks alot of ?'s and gets replys and never tells what his solutions were or even thanks anybody for the help
  13. kawabunga 750

    Thoughts on the Ford F250

    thats what i'm talking about i've got a 01 3500 duelly w/ a bunch of goodies including a built trans to handle it
  14. kawabunga 750

    New Fees

    why so much for a 1/2 ton truck ??? when a 1 ton is $380 total. is it the year also that determines cost ?? where i'm at its $198 total for weight and reg. for my 3500 duelly ' sounds like cali. is getting the shaft