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    dual sport riding on dr650, street bike yamaha fjr1300, float around in kayak
  1. ronm12

    Blinkers and foot pegs

    i needed a turn signal a year ago and just typed "dr650 turn signal ebay" in the searchbox and found several stores offering them at decent prices. good luck
  2. ronm12

    DR 200 (old guy)newbie needs parts advice.

    try jesse at kientech.com. you can also call him. he,s good people with a wealth of dr info
  3. ronm12

    oil leak. head problem?

    my dr 650 had a slight leak at same spot. at the time i didn,t have time to properly address it so wiped area down well with solvent taped off each side and put red rtv on.hasn,t leaked since. now i,m not inclined to pull cover for proper fix till it leaks again. been ayear and a half so far.....
  4. ronm12

    intermittent horn ??

    the horn on mine started that intermittent crap the other day. when i got home and tapped on the horn with button held down it would honk. this leads me to think it is the horn itself thats crappin, out...... advance auto parts has a fiamm replacement offered in high or low tones. i guess i,ll swap it out....
  5. ronm12

    motor dies and no restart or dr650?

    i had the same problem on mine, and it turned out to be the float level in carburetor was set to high.
  6. ronm12

    DR 350 s a question of neutrals

    be great if you can solve this without getting in the tranny. i,ll just throw out a couple of ideas(you may have already tried.) make sure shift lever is tight on its splines. i think the synthetic oils are better for smooth shifting. one bike i had long ago,the only way i could get neutral was to kind of dab at the shifter. if i pushed it down in a normal fashion it wouldn,t go,but just a tap it would go to neutral after a couple tries. i guess you,ve tried rocking the bike forward and back while trying for neutral. good luck....
  7. +1 on mity vac i,ve had mine at least 25 years. makes easy work of brake bleeding. also the clutch cylinder on my fjr....
  8. ronm12

    dr125 won't start

    should start,even at that compression. do you have fuel in carb?
  9. ronm12

    2010 DR650 (what are they gonna add)

    i,m surprised no one asked for a new lightweight aluminum frame,a lighter titanium muffler and a larger fuel tank..........????????
  10. ronm12

    winterizing the DR

    no winterizing here,we get many 40-50 degree days spotted in during winter.gas stays fresh if i can get out 2-3 times a month....
  11. ronm12

    2005 DR650SE front wheel bearings

    +1 for mx rob. with wheel pulled, jam thumb in id of bearing on each side. if its bad, it,ll feel rough,if smooth,look elsewhere for your noise....
  12. ronm12

    is this true...

    from what i,ve read, if the car oil says it has friction modifiers in it, you don,t want it in a bike with wet clutch. check info on oil bottle.
  13. i had 3 ts 185 way back in late 70,s early 80,s. all three in our family were ridin, ,em. mine had an extended swing arm and a reed valve kit on it. what i remember well, was the 1st gear was well suited for pulling tree stumps...like a lowwwww 1st gear. very dependable bike also....
  14. ronm12

    Should I constantly be adjusting the idle screw? (DR350)

    +1 on slannons remark, sticky choke cable was the culprit on my 99....
  15. ronm12

    help with my 96 650.

    could be the starter is pulling to many amps. also,that 300 amp booster can,t be doing the battery any good...