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  1. bajaklx

    TCX 2.1 Boots

    Fly has a rebranded tcx, great boot and may be carried by more shops soon
  2. bajaklx


    I have a exp 2.0 - really feels like a stock clutch with a slightly harder pull. I just clutch like I would normally do, just helps against the flame outs in the really technical stuff. If you're not rock hoping, log jumping and the sort of stuff I don't think they're totally necessary. One piece of advice, I'd make sure you go for the 3.0. They made the change from the 2.0 to the 3.0 pretty quick, mine has been slipping a bit lately and they may have cured that with the 3.0.
  3. bajaklx


    I splurged on sg-12's and love them, but anybody ever try the w2 boots I see advertised in the back of the magazines? I think graham Jarvis wears them so I'd imagine they're decent and the price point is low
  4. bajaklx

    350 won't start

    It is bound up it seems. Took it back apart, it moves freely until about tdc then stops. I do have the bolt out the holds it at tdc so it's not that. I torqued the bridge to spec but maybe I should back it off? Or maybe the cam chain is getting too tight from the tensioner? Thanks for the input, kinda missing my 2 stroke now cause even I could rebuild that
  5. Put a new piston in my 11 350 sxf and after putting it back together it won't start. Battery is charged, I've tried 2 batteries, and I just get a single click when I hit the start button. Tried swapping over the relay from my 13 350 and the same thing happens. There's just a few electrical connections that I disconnected and re connected and they all seem good. Any advice? Thanks
  6. bajaklx

    valve seal question

    Yes, p/n's are correct. I just thought is was interesting that the stockers would have a metal base and the cometic seals would be all rubber. Size and shape wise they are identical, just where the stock is metal and rubber the cometic is rubber on rubber
  7. I'm rebuilding the top end on a 11 350 sxf after a cracked oil filter cover left if overheated . Took the old valve seals off and looking at the new ones they look a little different. They are the same shape and size but the oem seals look to have a metal base where the new (cometic) ones are all rubber, is this okay or did they send me the wrong seals? Thank you for any insight, cheers!
  8. bajaklx

    Kurt Caselli death: what happened?

    truly sad - a total badass on 2 wheels but never seemed to act like it. KC is a great one to look up to, i know i do. godspeed
  9. bajaklx

    2013 350 sxf oil leak

    Apparently the set screw is there simply to fill a hole that is needed during manufacturing and some aren't sealed from the factory enough. It's okay to take it out and seal it with blue lock tite or something similar, local shop said they have had to drill a couple out to put a bigger screw in to stop the leak. Cheers
  10. bajaklx

    2013 350 sxf oil leak

    mine leaks enough to leave a bit in the skid plate. tightening it didn't really work, tried some seal-all and that lasted a ride or two. i'm going to try some form a gasket next. i really am just wondering what the point of it is at this point, option for a thermostat or something?
  11. I have a 13 350 sx with about 40 hours. It's leaking oil from the set screw on the ignition cover. I tried tightening it a little and it didn't help. What's the set screw for and anybody else have a problem with it leaking? Thanks
  12. bajaklx

    Anyone running the blue gravity graphics?

    ordered mine from munn, it was the only place I could find it. Price is about 1/2 of a graphics kit from one of the big companies
  13. bajaklx

    Anyone running the blue gravity graphics?

    13 plastics, but gravity graphics. I actually like the gravity for the 12 better
  14. put some new plastics on my 11 xc.
  15. bajaklx

    plastic question

    i have an 07 te510, will the plastics from the wr250/300's fit the 510. they look exactly the same in pictures and the part numbers seem to match up but I just wanted to make sure before ordering them. I have these plastics: