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  1. circlip in the shock body. holds in the seal.
  2. I have a rear shock and the circlip is stuck. i got a pick set and all the tips broke off and the circlip is not moving. i even soked it in WD40. still nothing. what can i do. HELP!!!!
  3. Yes that will do I like 9 for a pdf
  4. I see them and there like 60 bucks and up.
  5. Do they have them in a PDF form?
  6. Let me get this right. I don't want to get shut down...... I need to BUY a pdf manual. I got the owners manual and it do's not help. I need to BUY a good manual that will help me rebuild the bottom end. I got a 2004 CRF 450 and the motor was in parts. looks like a puzzle. so a good manual will help me put it back together.
  7. I already have the Owners Manual and it really do's not get into the bottom end. is there a better manual for the bottom end? spent hours looking it up but got nothing and TT has always helped me out in the past??
  8. I got a 2004 CRF 450 and the motor was in a box and the parts were in a bag ( bad rob bearing). so I need something to help me put it back together. I can do it just need to see how. got the new rod bearing and gaskets and seals, still need main bearings. The head is still all together so Im guessing thats good. but the bottom is a puzzle.
  9. Dose anyone have a 2004 CRF 450R PDF Manual? Im rebuilding my 450 and need a 2004 PDF Manuals. Please.
  10. Nice Im liking the Black frame.
  11. It still runs rough in the low rpms, cleaned the crap out of the carb, its all good. but only in the low rpms , once it get to the mid and high rpms its a rocket.??? dose anyone know whats wrong with it?????????
  12. I got a 1997 roller and some left over parts from a 2003 250, Im going to see what I can do. I got the skills. I got the tools, I got the parts.
  13. I took out the motor from the rattle can black bike and put it in the roller. Put on the FMF. still need to work out some bugs and get the motor right. and some graphics. and it ready.
  14. got it done. and still runs like crap. ran out of time, get back on it on sat...
  15. The 98 is all clean and BLUE (not spray paint black) now its time to build. got the front end done.