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  1. susco64

    2018 CRF250R stock triple clamp offset??

    22mm offset.
  2. susco64

    2005 Crf450r pump rod screw, what does it do?

    Back when I had my 2006 I did the Professor Redbeard AP mod. Made the bike much more responsive at the throttle. Have a look at these links. https://www.crfsonly.com/howto/ap-mod/professor-redbeard450-ap-mod-how-to-guide.php
  3. susco64

    2019 CRF450 works edition

    Nice one! But the RWE doesn't have a kick-start.
  4. susco64

    Rear fender for 2017 Honda crf250r

    2014-2017 CRF250R and 2013-2016 CRF450R all share the same plastic.
  5. Nice bike! I personally like power, easily controlled by my right wrist. Although, I understand it if it is un-usable power it could be a problem. Try a milder mapping perhaps, or different sprockets, to smooth out the delivery. Make sure you are using the correct fuel if it indeed has a high comp. piston, if octane is too low, detonation can make the motor feel jerky , and cause problems in motor reliability.
  6. susco64

    Rear fender for 2017 Honda crf250r

    2018 plastics won't fit. Can't go wrong with Acerbis IMO, been using them for years and have been very happy. Cycra makes red too. https://www.motosport.com/cycra-plastic-kit?mmy=honda%3Bcrf250r%3B2017&mmy_source=pdp
  7. susco64

    CRF 250 2018

    Corrected mid valve compression stack.
  8. susco64

    CRF 250 2018

    You are absolutely correct. Just was back in to do some shim changes and verified. I'll correct OP. Had RG3 re-valve the shock so I didn't get shock info. and didn't measure the collar.
  9. Are you sure it's not just the alum. washer that has deformed and hanging up the threads and not allowing it to come out, and catching the bolt shoulder, preventing it from seating fully into case? Those alum. washers can crush around the hole and do as described.
  10. susco64

    Whats a good HOUR METER

  11. susco64

    SKF glide Kit for Showa SFF-Air TAC

    Give Matt over at RG3 Denver a call. He has some internal parts, or can order what you need.
  12. susco64

    SKF glide Kit for Showa SFF-Air TAC

    Drilling them worked well for me, don't need to drill out much to break it free.
  13. susco64

    CRF 250 2018

    2018 CRF 250R Fork Stock Base Valve 12mm ID 10- 36mm x .15 1- 34mm x .1 1 - 32mm x .1 1 - 30mm x .1 1 - 28mm x .1 1 - 26mm x .1 1 - 24mm x .1 1 - 22mm x .1 1 - 20mm x .2 Stock Mid Valve Comp. 8mm ID 4 - 22mm x .1 1 - 20mm x .1 1 -18mm x .1 1 - 16mm x .1 1 - 14mm x .1 3 - 12mm x .1 2 - 19mm x .3 Float .305 Rebound 6mm ID 3 - 22mm x .1 1 - 13mm x .1 1 - 22mm x .1 1 - 20mm x .1 1 - 18mm x .1 1 - 16mm x .1 1 - 15mm x .1 1 - 14mm x .1 1 - 13mm x .1 1 - 12mm x .2 2 - 16mm x .2
  14. susco64

    $500 1985 CR250R

    You might get more response over on the Honda 2-stroke forum page, this is the CRF250R forum. Nice find though!
  15. susco64

    exhaust endcan doesn’t line up

    Show some pictures. "Where there's a will there's a way" is my outlook. Does the header fit properly? Is the junction tight? Did you use the stock muffler clamp?