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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I’m going to keep these enduro mediums on the bike and see how I like them before making any changes.
  2. Just got my 2020 300rr. I have zero experience with the stock Michelin enduro tires that come on these. It’s winter and can’t get on the dirt to see if they are any good. I ride mostly hard pack dirt and rocky terrain here in CO. Coming off of an 07 450xcw which I always ran a M59 front and Desert IT rear. Don’t want to buy new tires if I don’t have to.
  3. Wonder if the seat height will drop a tad once the suspension is broken in. I’m new to the Beta and the 300rr. I’m coming from a 2007 450xcw, so I really have nothing to compare my new 300rr to but the big lunky Ktm.
  4. I’m new to 2 strokes so my questions are noobish despite a ton of forum reading. My 2020 tool kit came with the green spring and the smaller diameter and shorter spring that goes with it. I’m assuming the yellow spring is installed at the factory from the responses here. So basically, the only other Aux spring I have is the green which would stall the hit a lot. I’ll tinker with the Allen adjustment first.
  5. I’m also looking for a solution as I just picked up a 2020 300rr.
  6. just picked up my 2000 300rr. I’m new to Beta and also 2 strokes. Coming off years of Ktm 450 bikes. Does anyone happen to know which PV spring comes installed in the bike ? I have a green one that came in the tools/ parts kit, but am wondering which one is in the bike. Red? Yellow ? Thanks for any info. Having a blast breaking in the bike riding around the neighborhood.
  7. Very informative topic as I’m currently looking to get off of my 07 450xcw and get a 2020 300rr. Little background info. 51yrs old. Been riding trails for about 12 yrs. always had 450 Ktm bikes. I’m tired of the weight and struggling in the tight stuff. My buddies have moved to 300 2 strokes from the 450 bikes and love it. Im a total noob to the 2 stroke bikes and have been on my buddies 2013 300 xcw once. Liked the size and maneuvering of the bike. The throttle was very snappy and hard to regulate. Havnt been on the new beta yet, but the reading and specs really seem to be what I’m looking for. Love the lower seat height as I’m 5 10 170# and would love to be able to flat foot dab when needed. I only ride trails. Woods and high desert. I’m fast on the open stuff, but slower then the rest of the gang in the tight. I love the way the 450 can lug up steep rocky hills. Lots of rocky terrain here in CO. Would the 300rr be a good choice for me. Hard to demo one right now.
  8. I have an 03 450exc that needs some carb/jetting work. I am looking for a recomendation of a shop or mechanic that specializes in the RFS or ktm motors as the carb may not be the only thing acting up and I want somebody that is really familiar with the RFS ktm motor and the carb setups on these bikes.. I have had 2 recomended guys (from another site) work on my bike this year and both sent me home with a bike that ran worse then when I brought it in. Neither was a KTM dedicated person and seemed to do what they thought was "right" for the bike and altitude. They were familiar with Too far and inconvienent to keep bringing it back for tweaks with them. I want it right when I leave the shop. I have had the bike running great myself, but simply don't have time to do any wrenching myself anymore. Thanks for any info . I want to get it running right for the final few rides I have this season and for next season.
  9. I have the mxhauler and I have to lift my bike up onto the platform in some situations. It is kinda a pain in the butt. All depends on where I am parked.
  10. Its a dealer and they have resposibility to sell a bike honestly. They stated an 70-80 hour bike, and the odo says it is a LOT more. That sounds like fraud to me. If you have your paperwork in order and statements in writing from them about the hours on the bike, then I would say you have a good chance of getting your money back. If it were a private sale, then you would be out of luck. It would be great to see some pics of the sides of the engine as well as the sides of the frames to see wear. That is going to help show us how many hours are on the bike. They get rub marks from boots on the clutch cover and the left side cover. Also the frame guards will show, but they could have been replaced. The smoking could be a number of issues. Sucks you have to go through with this because it could be a great bike. If you end up being stuck with the bike and want to keep it then you can do a few things that are not that hard and make it run great and not leak. If the top end bothers you, then take it off and send it to DJH and have him work his magic. He does outstanding work and his cost is fantastic. Then you can replace the clutch cover gasket yourself it it is still leaking.
  11. I have the same bike. If you get the Enduro engineering brake light activators, then it is plug and play. Simply install it, find the plug harness under the seat and plug it in. The bulb that is in the tail light is a dual filliment. Kinda dim when just the lights on, then brightens up when brake is hit.. Very easy to install.
  12. welcome to the KTM side! I myself have an 03 450 exc and love the thing. I had my suspension revalved, tuned to my style and skill and it is awesome! Spend your money on that first, then work on getting the thing looking good. Being an 03, I would check the valves first too. Just to make sure they are ok. All depends on how many miles are on it and how well it was taken care of. As far as shopping for parts, ktmtalk.com has a great classified section. For full retail, I use ktmcyclehutt.com for oem parts. I also use travis at http://www.thumper-racing.net/. he is a great guy and always takes care of me. Ktmtalk.com is a MUST website for a ktm owner. Amazing info there.
  13. With those hours showing up on the meter, then there is a good chance the intakes and rings need to be done. and maybe a piston. Good luck. an upside down computer battery seems deliberate by somebody who did not want the computer to work and show hours.
  14. I have an 03 450 with a bazillion miles on it. Have new Kibblewhite intakes and a new piston with rings at about 8000 miles. Runs awesome. I dual sport. When on the pavement, just take it easy on take offs and downshifting.. Avoid heavy torque. This will save your rear hub as well as your countershaft internals. OH, and get a guts comfort seat or an EE soft seat. Your butt will thank you.
  15. I own an 03 450exc that I got over a year ago. Hours were unknown, but from the looks of the side cases, the previous owner rode it a LOT.! Which is good, it was not sitting being broken down. Here is a list of things I did the first year I had the bike. These things needed to be done (started blowing smoke and had the EXACT same signs as yours. The upside down battery is not uncommon. I have mine that way. It keeps the seat pan from hitting the terminals and breaking them off. 1. Needed new piston ring. Old ring gap was FAR out of spec. Replaces entire piston even though I could have got more life out of it. Got new rings with it. 2. Intake valves were just about shot. Replaced with Kibblwhite black diamonds. Also replaced the valveguides on all 4 valves. Exhaust valves were in great shape. Had the head worked to the new valves. 3. Swingarm bearings were completely rusted and shot. Replaced. 4. Cylinder was still fine. measured and intererior was in good enough shape not to do anything. In hindsite, I should have had it honed, but I was running out of time. 5. Check and tighten the primary gear nut.! Mine was loose. Torqued and red loctited it. Dave Hopkins is the master of KTM bikes and can give you even further info. This is just stuff that my 03 needed right away when I got it.
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