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  1. kyosho

    2 Stankin

    Flash back from the 80's Rocking the long hair, the stash, older truck and a 2 stroke. God I miss those days.
  2. kyosho

    Top tier NAME only old rider going full Tony

    Awww How sweet you are defending him
  3. kyosho

    Awesome 125 cc Race Action

    Very nice.
  4. kyosho

    What's your favorite ohv in california?

    I'm envy of those toy's, but still enjoy sleeping in my trusty old tent.
  5. kyosho

    What's your favorite ohv in california?

    I've been wanting to go south and try out what the Desert offers.
  6. I clearly wasn't thinking strait lol
  7. Lol I would lie to see him on a KTM because him being a Aussie and a KTM being Aussie just makes since.
  8. kyosho

    Official Reed on KTM for 2014.

    That crossed my mind to. Yes
  9. kyosho

    Official Reed on KTM for 2014.

    The way he talked he seems he's leaning ktm? The only reason I say that is cause KTM is the only one I know that wouldn't be stiff since it uses the tube frame.
  10. kyosho

    James Stewert ready to hang it up in his video blog.

    I'm calling BS.
  11. What was that kids name that was on the old CR at LL? I would try to hire him to ride. If he can ride fast on a vintage CR like that imagine how fast this kid could be on a newer bike that could be built to his liking.
  12. It should be FMIMX ( fastest man in MX) FMISX (fastest man in SX). Than it would be more acceptable to me. While FMOTP is not. Why you ask. Gee I'm glade you asked that. 1. Not the the fastest man on a 1 wheel 2. Not the fastest man on two wheels ( whats he's top speed?) 3. Not the fastest man on three wheels 4. Not the fastest man on four wheels 5. Not the fastest man in a rocket So my point as been this from the start is that he's not the fastest man on the planet. And if you still do truly think he is than I'm sorry.
  13. Some think so Question how does JS earn that title FMOTP?