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  1. Thank You very much for the info. I have rode yesterday and I have to say that after adjusting some click (faster rebound on the rear especially) the suspension feels better. I have moved the forks down in the clamps and it is better and more stable. I will stick with my suspension and just fine tune it more. If I don't get where it should be I will write again on the suspension forum
  2. hmm I thought that the rear shock will fit I was more concerned about the forks.
  3. Hello everyone, Can someone tell me if the YZ 250F 2008 forks with triple clamps and the rear shock will fit to a YZ 125 2010? Did someone do it? I am asking becouse I have send my YZ 125 2010 suspension for a revalve and after the revalve I am not 100% happy with the performance. It's better at bottoming and on small bumps but it's sux on the big square edges. I ride motocross mainly on hard pack + intermediate tracks. I can buy a used suspension from a YZ 250F 2008 and send it to another tuner for a revalve or try it in the stock form or make the revalve by myself. I don't know what to do get a better setup and have fun on my smoker
  4. Any sugestions with the big square edge bumps?
  5. Yes, I tried it. I started with the standard setting - around 1 1/4 out from full hard. I feld like it didn't soak any small chop so I played with the LCOMP and REB. I couldn't get rid of it so I moved the HCOMP adjuster OUT to around 1 1/2 and the problem with the small chop was gone
  6. So I changed the shims and tested the suspension on the track. Race sag 100mm, free sag 35mm. The suspension feels better now on the smaller stuff. My last problem are big square edge bumps. When hit one big square edge bump I feel a hard hit. What can I do to get rid of it? Should I turn the rebound clicker out on the rebound side or there has to be another shim change on the shock? I feel like if the rebound is turned out - you get a plusher ride on the smaller stuff but you sacrifice the stability and control in the corners and on bigger stuff. Am I right or not? I am on a point when I turn the rebound one click in and I feel every bump when I accelerate. My KXF 250 2014 feels stiff but when you ride it with full throttel it soaks the bumps very well and it stable in corners. You get that pillow effect if you know what I mean.
  7. Thank You mog but I think that You wrote the stock compression stack becouse I don't have a 21 x .02 on my stack and I have a 31 Anyway I know which shims are the high speed now So the COMPRESSION Stack will look like this: 40 x 0,2 x 8 30 x 0,15 22 x 0,1 40 x 0,2 x 2 40 x 0,2 38 x 0,2 36 x 0,2 34 x 0,2 32 x 0,2 31 x 0,2 28 x 0,2 26 x 0,2 24 x 0,2 22 x 0,2 This is ok?
  8. Thank You very much mog for the help. I will change to the 0.2. Could You write me which shims are the high speed? I am asking becouse this is my first time messing with shims. How should the shim stack look like after the modification? I know that it will look the same but I don't know which shims are the hi speed Should I leave the rebound stack unchanged and change only the compression hi speed stack thickness?
  9. I didn't like the std stack on the rear becouse there was a problem when I hit big square edge bumps on speed. The suspension just locked/blocked and kicked me off - I had some bad crashes becouse of that. It felt like someone hit you with a big hammer in the rear. That was the main problem and the suspension bottomed. That was my experience when I had an 2006 YZ 125 and when I bought the 2010 I just send the suspension for a revalve to get rid off that problem. Now I have another one Small bumps are so harsh - there is no plush feeling. PS. The suspension guy putt aftermarket pistons front + rear. He told me that the suspension will work even better with these pistons.
  10. I use steel springs and I don't know what spring rates did the suspension guy install. When I checked the last time the sag numbers were: Race Sag: 100mm, Free Sag: 33mm As far as it goes for the 5 washers before the plate on the rebound stack - these are steel washers. I checked it today. So what can I do with my stack to get a plusher rider over the smaller chop and get more traction on them? PS. mlatour thank you for the help but I don't thing the sand settings will help on the hardpack. Maybe You have some other suggestion to modyfi my stack?
  11. Hi everyone, I need help with my shock on my YZ 125 2010. I had the suspension revalved (front + rear) by a company but im not happy with it. I tryed every click combination but I can't get the suspension to work with me. I weight 80kg it's like 176 lbs. When I ride the bike I can feel all the small bumps - it's horrible and my back is killing me after riding. I ride MX on intermediate/hard pack tracks. The best thing about this setup is that it does not bottom so I can flat land almost everywhere. When I accelerate on small bumps, chop I can feel them all on my back and when I hit the brakeing bumps on the gas I get out of control <- this happens mainly on acceleration. The suspension has an aftermarket piston in the shock with a low friction ring. I have the OEM piston too (got it back from the suspension company). I think I messured all good. Sorry for my English REBOUND: Nut 21x0,20 Space shim? 19x0,20 (4 pcs) Space shim? Stack: 26 x 0,4 23 x 0,3 24 x 0,3 26 x 0,3 28 x 0,3 30 x 0,3 32 x 0,3 34 x 0,3 36 x 0,25 36 x 0,2 25 x 0,15 36 x 0,15 (9 pcs) 36 x 0,25 PISTON COMPRESSION Stack: 40 x 0,2 (8 pcs) 30 x 0,15 22 x 0,1 40 x 0,2 (2 pcs) 40 x 0,25 38 x 0,25 36 x 0,2 34 x 0,2 32 x 0,2 31 x 0,3 28 x 0,3 26 x 0,3 24 x 0,3 22 x 0,2 Please help and write what You think about this stack PS. How much torque is needed to thighten the nut from the shim stacks?
  12. hmm maybe I wrote it wrong. I will not use a fuel filter on the fuel line. I will just put a stocking on the funnel and pour the fuel throught that . The stocking on the funnel will be like a filter for the pouring fuel I still recomend to clean the filter once in a while in the tank (on the tap)
  13. Ok thank you guys. I will just clean the filter on the pet cock and pour the fuel through a filter
  14. Hi everyone Has somebody used a fuel filter bag in his two stroke? Are they makeing such filters for the YZ 125? Below the link to the fuel filter bag http://www.yamaha-motor.eu/baltic/products/offroad-motorcycles/competition/yz250.aspx?view=accessories&partcode=33D-E4620-00-00&year=2016 Regards Pawel
  15. The head will not match. The intake port is diffrent - I mean the angle of the intake port. You have to search for a 2013+ head
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