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  1. jmart233

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    It’s a max of 40w. I’ll s meant to run off the stock stator. But carries a Hefty price tag of almost $500
  2. jmart233

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    It’s the Baja Design light. Stock light sucks. This think lights up the night. Hooks up to everything stock.
  3. jmart233

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Put on the KTM GPR kit, pipe guard, fmf turbine core, shark fin, Baja dealings LED light and radiator guards
  4. jmart233

    What desert tank to get for my 2013

    May I ask why you are getting rid of it?
  5. Looking to get a desert tank for my 13 CRF450. I have Devol Radiator Braces and wanted to know which one fits the best and gives the narrowest feel.
  6. jmart233

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Seems no one has a code. So I bent the rules. Here is a tip if you have a big order to place. Split the order into two orders. Place the first order so that it is over $99 so you get the free shipping. Once those items ship they will email you the discount code in the shipping email. Now take that code and put it into the order for the rest of your goods. It worked for me.
  7. jmart233

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I guess no one has a discount code. Going to be putting in an order today and would definitely pay mine forward once I made teh purchase.
  8. jmart233

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I could use a code as well. Will definitely pay it forward
  9. jmart233

    Tire Pressure Question

    Thanks for the info. Should be mostly fast riding so I put in around 15 f/r. I guess I have been riding the sand dues for too long.
  10. I am heading out to the desert to d o some riding. It's been a while since I have riden out there. What tire pressure are you guys running in the front and rear?
  11. jmart233

    Tech 10 or Fox F3???

    I have the Tech 10's and love them. Virtually no break in needed on them.
  12. jmart233

    fuel screw

    Help a cinfuesed brotha out. Which way to you turn the fuelk screw to lean it out? Do you turn it in to lean it?
  13. jmart233

    My New MRD Exhaust

    I'm in sales, so all of the sudden I had to leave the office to go on a sales call . It just so happened to be right by my house.
  14. jmart233

    My New MRD Exhaust

    Oh yeah, I had to leave work a little early to see if the pipe was sitting on my front door. Sure enough was. The pipe sounds awesome, makes a nice meaty sound. The yellowing of the stainless looks sweet after the head pipe gets hot too.
  15. jmart233

    My New MRD Exhaust

    Thanks to Dave at MRD-Racing. He can build one mean pipe. You can not beat the craftsmanship on his pipes. Here are a few pics of my 03 with the new pipe. [/img]