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  1. Ha! I have been a seeker of throttle slide nirvana for quite some time while riding YZ250s. Imagine my dismay upon purchasing a 2017 KTM 300XC. The bike clearly has throttle slide issues. Yet the internet in general is almost chock full of absolutely nothing about throttle slides for the Mikuni radial flat slide enigma. The only thing I was able to easily find were the two attached photos. The just sat there, mocking me, sitting next to an easily available Keihin slide. Try as I might, I could not find anyone selling those beauties. I did find out that the KTM has the super rich number four. But just try to find out the number slide that other bikes come with. Good luck with that! Then Google dug up this thread for me. Way to go Googs! In it an obvious four stroke fan sheds light on a very two stroke issue where there is currently only darkness to be found. Way to go Strokes! Further research shows that Honda has a sense of throttle slide humor, who would have thought? They sell throttle slides for less than half of what Kawi and Suzi sell them for, you get some related parts with it as well. Not so cool Kawi Suzi! Kudos Honda! You can carefully modify a rich slide into a leaner one. But I have an amazing talent for screwing up. So off to the TT store to see if I can provide a little patronage in exchange for a little information. I don't go around messing with parts unless I have a spare.
  2. shagger

    General Mn chit-chat

    Clay is the DR now? I bought a bike from him once. Jeff, Clay's dad, is the original Pipe Dr. Great guy.
  3. shagger

    Number 8 slide

    Just to be clear. The KX slide is a #9. Nines rock IMO.
  4. shagger

    Updating an older bike

    I have both a stock and a WR 3-5 and I fail to see the appeal of the WR 3-5. I guess I sort of like the 5th gear. But 3 and 4 on the stock transmission are perfect woods gears.
  5. My issue with guys who buy DS bikes to use mainly for off road is that they are often already the slowest guy in the group. Put them on the least capable bike and they are even slower. Guys with five or six street bikes and zero dirt bikes with buy a DS rig because they want to have a plate on all their bikes. Yet their bike shows up to the riding venues in a truck and seldom if ever is it use on the road. If you have several bikes and like to ride off road. Get an off road bike. If you really want a DS. Get one of those too. Otherwise you end up wasting man-years of your friend's time waiting for you to catch up. It gets really old really fast.
  6. shagger

    General Mn chit-chat

    I was back in Minnesota for couple of weeks to do the Theilman Trail Ride and for some roosting around in Akeley. Kudos to the trail trimmers. Both venues were in nice shape. Particularly the "Highway 61" trail at Akeley, the eastern most trail on this map. I don't know if I have ever seen that trail in such nice shape.
  7. shagger

    Number 8 slide

    I use #9s. Stock on Kawasaki.
  8. shagger

    Number 8 slide

    Get it cut.
  9. shagger

    Mountain Bikers, check in here

    My riding buddies are getting old. Rare is the time that I ride more dirt bike in a day than I mountain bike in a day. I only ride dirt bike when I travel to Minnesota to do so and I ride mountain bike just about every day on this side of the pond, where I am most of the time. So...
  10. Fat chance of that. Those guys like riding me more than they like riding motorcycles.
  11. I used to always have a four stroke around just to gain some insights from the different riding techniques that the bikes favor. You are basically going from a rear steer to front steer and back. Swapping around between the two can gain you an extra tool to use once in a while. Much the same way that riding observed trials or even a mountain bike can help you out here and there. Back before the AMA buyout by the Satan spawned OEMs, people would keep a 125 and/or a big ol' 600 thumper to ride once in a while if they normally rode a 250 and/or 500 for many of the same reasons (I certainly did). It's like a forced riding drill. You ride something that requires you to adopt and practice a certain skill, then you find that that skill comes in handy once in a while on other bikes. The sad thing I find now days on moto tracks, is that there are so many four strokes using a park it and gas it technique in the corners that the berms get a big hump near the apex. It makes it difficult to ride a high corner speed 125 riding style. The berm get a huge breaking bump in the middle that never used to be there. It's worse than what the tree wheelers and quads did to berms in the old days. Who would have ever thought that a motorcycle would be a trail wrecker for another motorcycle? I'm a fan of practicing on different bikes to gain some insights on different techniques. But I must say that I draw the line on the track itself forcing a certain technique.
  12. The old ice race starting drill, for carbed bikes, is to lay the bike over and let a little gas dribble out of the carb overflow. Then put the bike in gear and rock it back and forth a few times before you kick it. It works for two and four stroke bikes. I've ice raced both. I had a Husky 610 in the nineties that was a clod blooded bastard. But it responded to this trick on all but the super coldest days (-20F). Even then It would fire eventually. There was something about the stock suspension and chassis on that bike. I got great results with it. Even a 2010 450 Husky that I rode has great ice race suspension and chassis. Spooky! Magic! Voodoo! I wonder if KTM kept some Husky suspension think in the Huskies of today.
  13. You are the single common element in all your failed relationships with motorcycles.
  14. I just watched the video. It's little more than ad copy. But: 450 = 63hp and 40 foot pounds. 500 = 66hp and 45 foot pounds. It's just sad that they have to compare new bikes against 18 year old bikes with thirty year old engines. Let's see them compare an 18 year old four stroke with a thirty year old engine against a new one. Yeah, that'll happen.