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  1. nocturnalmotors

    Right hand first turn's?

    I agree that there should be more of them. Is this NASCAR? That said, I don't think it was the righty that caused as much carnage as the rhythm section.
  2. nocturnalmotors

    Tedesco is crazy now

    Ya'll didn't see Short put a "clean" block pass on Ivan in the heat race? Poor little Ivan must've been mad about that, because he tried to take Short out in the main. Too bad Shorty checked up a little and all Hot Sauce got in was alittle elbow action. I've never seen "Weak" Sauce turn into a crybaby like that.
  3. nocturnalmotors

    my 250f became a flamethrower !?

    How cold is it there? I live in Minnesnowtah and it can get down to -60F with the windchill factored in. My 09 Kawi runs mint in the summer , but even if I can get it started with it that cold, it will do the same thing yours is. Either rejet it fatter if you plan on riding outside in the cold, or leave it alone and let it hibernate until spring.
  4. nocturnalmotors

    Knocking, ticking, at wits end!

    Yep, sounds like piston slap to me.
  5. nocturnalmotors

    Northern Winter Power Goals

    You betcha!
  6. nocturnalmotors

    Northern Winter Power Goals

    You're on the nuts. The steering shouldn't be sloppy. Some pros even perfer a little "preload". You can set this by pulling on the end of the bars using a fish scale to get your desired drag on the steering...
  7. nocturnalmotors

    Which SX Race

    Vegas baby! It's going to come down to the end this season! Got my tix already
  8. nocturnalmotors

    indoor tracks, wisconsin

    Check out the vacant Menard's in Burnsville off HWY 13. Perfect spot. That's where I'd do it if I won the lottery. My g/f and I dream about it everytime we drive by. Plenty of riders in the south metro...
  9. nocturnalmotors

    Winter's here, where we riding?!?!?!

    The younger "C" classes are full of kamakazi's! LOL (And sandbaggers unfortunately) I personally love that they have a 25+ class. I'm not quite 30, so it works well :] Only advice I can give is it looks to me like the 14-24C has the faster and more fit 250C riders in it because they can handle more track time without getting tired. Don't forget that because it's not CC rated, you'll have 450's in there too.
  10. nocturnalmotors

    Winter's here, where we riding?!?!?!

    I'll be @ Fergus. Will be my second. Rode the whole thing last year. Placed 2nd 25+C. I talked a buddy into it this year. Hopefully he don't get cold feet! How's the Sandbox? Haven't heard anything yet this year...
  11. nocturnalmotors

    Think twice before buying a kawasaki 250f!!

    Exactally^ What is the root cause of failure? Kawi will not even consider any warranty or goodwill assistance if no root cause is determined. I wouldn't either.
  12. nocturnalmotors

    New Brake Line Bleed Procedure

    Buy one of these: http://www.harborfreight.com/brake-fluid-bleeder-92924.html
  13. nocturnalmotors

    '09 kx250f bad cutting out problem low/mid RPM

    FACTS. Fuel, air, compression, timing, spark.
  14. nocturnalmotors

    Pr1mal needs help

  15. nocturnalmotors

    Any problems with your hour meters?