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  1. There are a few reasons. I stored the tralier in the garage, and was able to open the rear doors without moving the trailer to make room of ramp door. A ramp door requires a level surface or some blocks of wood underneath the corners of the door to support the corners on uneven ground. Also, you always need room to lower the door and have access to the ramp, which was not always possible in the parking areas. I also liked being able to use the floor of the tralier as a seat, which is not possible with the ramp door. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  2. I once owned a 5 x 10, single axle wells cargo trailer. the interior height was 5' 6", which was too low. I had the barn doors in the rear and a side door. I bought one that had a dropped chassis, so it was a little lower. I sold it! If I buy another trailer, I will buy a 6' wide and at least 10' length, but probably a 12'. It will be a V-nose, 6' interior height, barn doors, side door, tandem axle, electric brakes, and a regular height chassis (not a drop chassis). I like featherlite the best, but they are too expensive. My second choice is a wells cargo.
  3. somebody i know rode as bultaco around the hallways, with a lot of skill. it was fun to watch him slide the bike around the corners. this was in the 70's. keep in mind that the hallways were open, not inside of any building. there was a support team that quickly loaded the bike into a van and left before the reality of the stunt sank in. he did not get caught. another guy drove his jeep through the same hallways, and needless to say he got caught. he did this to win a $2 bet. yes, young people are indeed idiots.
  4. What kind of a car is this and how much does it cost? If I cannot afford to pay cash, then I cannot afford the car. Cars depreciate in value rapidly, and are bad for ones finacial health. Your coworker should scale down their car ambition and find a good, used, car or truck for as little money as possible, and if possible, pay cash. Then, they should make the equivalent payments to a savings or investment account for four years, and then they will have money to buy a replacement for cash, four years from now.
  5. You are tall. I am 6'1", 220 lbs, and I use the Acerbis Zoom II plus.
  6. I have a 2006 V6 Prerunner, 2WD, and I consitently have been getting 20 mpg all around. If I drive city only, the best I will get is 18 mpg. On the highway, the best I get is 22 mpg. I drive with a light foot. The reason I chose this truck over a full size, is the ease of parking in tight parking lots. If I have the extended cab, not the quad cab. If I were to buy a quad cab, which is what I shoud have done, I will buy the short bed for the shorter wheelbase, it will be easier to maneuver.
  7. you might consider one of these http://www.usrack.com/motorcycle_rack.shtml
  8. Why do you want to park it in the garage? Will it be secure in the backyard? I once owned a low profile trailer because I did not have enough room to park is in the backyard. I did not like the low roof height. It was annoying not being able to stand up inside the trailer. I sold the trailer after a few months. I recommend buying a trailer you can stand up in.
  9. the worst was the first year wr250f, it was difficult to start and was very loud. the next worst, was my xr400, again could be tricky to start at times and was a slug. the best one i had was the ktm450 mxc. there were not any exc models available or else i would have bought one of those.
  10. I own an 06 Prerunner, and it sits a little higher in the rear, and the springs are stout. In fact the truck rode a little on the rough side until the springs broke in. Go to the dealer and have a look at the truck, and have a a few guys stand in the bed and you will see that the springs are strong enough. I placed many bags of sand in the bed for about a week to break in the springs, and the truck draove like a champ.
  11. Search for garage or workshop images using google, yahoo search, and so on.
  12. I have a 2006 prerunner, V6, and am getting 18 mpg in the city, 22 mpg on the road, and 20 mpg all around. I am light on the gas pedal.
  13. i have toyed with the idea. if i were to buy, it would probably be a Vstrom 650, because it is comfortable, versatile, and affordable. additonally, it is classified as a dual spot/adventure bike, and can be taken off road. i am also considering a 250cc Vespa scooter. it has plenty of power and is fun to ride.
  14. other than a cup holder, i would like a lifetime warranty
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