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  1. tlynde

    Oil question

    well that cut's it I'm changin over to Rotella also. My brother changed over last year and he is perfectly happy with it.
  2. tlynde

    Blasted Spark Plugs

    Ditto T
  3. tlynde

    New Tires!!

    Do you have a link or a number on these artrax tires, I did a search and found nothing. I just spent 90 bucks on a back tire. Thanks T
  4. tlynde

    Case bolts!

    what he said, plus I use a little medium threadlocker just to be safe. T
  5. tlynde

    '03 Yamaha YZ250F

    Get on it and ride it up the street if it feels like it runs healthy and everything else is good, buy it. Just check the common sense stuff like oil leaks on motor, trans, shocks, ect. I paid $2000 for my 04 YZ and so far so good. the motors on these guy's are pretty tough so a little racing won't hurt IF it has been taken care of and your getting it cheap enough that if it needs some work done, you won't be getting hurt too bad. I've seen similar bikes for sale for much more. T
  6. tlynde

    thinking of buying an 04 yz250f

    I just bought an O4 for 2000 and I'm happy so far, other than a jetting problem I'ts thumbs way up, well worth the money. If you can get one in good shape under 2500 grab it. T
  7. tlynde

    Acerbis 3.3 Gallon Tank

    no need to paint, it looks good the way it is. one question. Does the extra weight up top make the bike feel piggish on the trail?