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  1. Icelander-DR650

    DRZ Shock mods to fit DR

    Best thing you can do to the bike for the money, along with the front springs and Ricor inserts. I kept a spare swingarm and linkage incase I was going to change it back, but am going to sell them. If Suzuki was smart they'd do this to the new DR's and offer them with Supermoto wheels.
  2. Icelander-DR650

    2007 DR650SE Bent Subframe

    Hi there, My rear fender is the same, looks to be about 3/4" to the left of center. Now I don't know if it was like that when I got it or if I did it. I noticed it after I was cut off badly one night on my way home from work and woke up in the ditch a while later. Well, I noticed it the next day actually. I had the bike checked out and everything looked straight and it rides good. I wouldn't worry about it, if it tracks straight when you take your hands off the bars generally you're ok.
  3. Icelander-DR650

    Multi Surface Sproket/Chain Combo

    Hi there Bert, I have a 14, 15, and 16 front and a 42 and 44 rear. Both rear sprockets are on their own cush drive and I can swap any combo with the same chain. Hope this helps a bit. The 16-42 is great for the highway, the 14-44 is awesome off road. Right now I have the 15-42 on with 17" wheels and Avon Distanzia tires. For versatility I'd go with the 44, I ran the 16-44 for a long time until I won the second cush drive and the 42 on Ebay. When I swapped from my stock wheels to the 17" ones I cleaned up the Ebay cush so it looked new to match the wheels and popped in a new bearing and seal. Some guys use a 13 front, which would make the DR a torque monster! The 14-44 was a big change from the stock 15-44 I found. Super easy 2nd gear wheelies If I remember correctly you should be able to use a 13, 14 , 15, and 16 with the same chain, there was still some adjustment left with the 14-44 to tighten the chain. I'm sure the guys will chime in with what they have to help out.
  4. Icelander-DR650

    Another Tire Thread

    The 130 will be fine on the rear, I ran a 130 Gripster on my stock rear rim before I went with the supermoto rims. I can't help wth part 2 of your question, not sure about it and won't guess either
  5. Icelander-DR650


    Oh and Bergman, NICE PIC! Don't worry about a hi-jack, I enjoy it when one conversation leads to another interesting one
  6. Icelander-DR650


    Sorry for not responding promptly, kinda busy here. The sprockets I have on right now are a 15-42 525. I have a 14 and 16 front and a 44 rear on a separate cush drive hub for quick changes (I LOVE EBAY $15.00). I can use the same chain with any combination of sprockets. I may put the 16 on to see if I can launch it better, either that or go 14-44 and launch in 2nd. I've run the 14-44 on the street before and didn't like the shifting, way to much of it too often. As it is now, in 1st the front won't stay on the ground with just a quick roll-on. Wack it open and you'll go over. Wack it open and the slightest tug and it's vertical in 2nd. I ran the 16-44 for the longest time, but used the Ebay hub with a new bearing when I did the Supermoto wheel swap. Might stick a new bearing in the 44 hub and go back to that set up. If I understand things properly, and I don't always 1 on the front is 3 on the rear, so the 16-44 should give me a bit lower gearing. It was difficult to tell when I did the swap because the bike changed so much with the wheel swap and the rear SM wheel and tire is large in diameter than the OEM set up. I thought of strapping the front, but I think I'd feel a bit foolish strapping the DR. Now my friends R1...at 10.4 I'd be strapping to get into the 9's
  7. Icelander-DR650


    Thanks! The DR is so hard to get off the line, it just wanted to wheelie in 1st so I was backing off the throttle to keep from looping it. When I shifted to 2nd the front would lift for about a full second, and for the first time I was trying to keep it on the ground . One of the guys I was with who ran a 10.487 @ 138.53 on his bone stock '05 R1 has been to the track a few times said that if I could get a good launch I could see 13.5 or so at maybe 93mph. For my first time at the drag strip and 9 runs under my very thin belt I'm happy. my slowest time was 14.552 @87.61, which was a red light (-.001) and a missed shift . Fastest 60' was the 2.034. My tank was almost empty, thought I would keep the weight down. Next time I'm going to fill it up just before the track to help keep the front on the ground! I was the only one NOT doing a burn out, I'd ride around the water and traction compound and line up in the 20" wide wheel track, slide up on the tank and try to : stage the bike, watch the tree and get into a better position then the last time I launched, watch the tree and hold steady RPM, watch the tree and ease the clutch out to a hair before engagement starts, and watch the tree for the start! Gee, looks so easy on T.V. From light to light it's a snap. It's MUCH different on the strip I have found out!
  8. Icelander-DR650


    Slip#1 R/T .396 60' 2.107 330 5.649 1/8 8.739 MPH 78.52 1000 11.531 1/4 13.957 MPH 91.92 Slip #2 R/T .423 60' 2.034 330 5.597 1/8 8.727 MPH 77.20 1000 11.534 1/4 13.971 MPH 91.54
  9. Icelander-DR650


    Has anyone taken their DR to the drag strip? I was curious what guys are running. I was here today: http://www.torontomotorsportspark.com/dragway/index.html?p=flash and my best two runs were 13.957 @ 91.92 and 13.971 @ 91.54. It was my first time at the track and had a great time. I've got some nice GoPro footage that the guy on the yellow DRZ (Fish_Bate) is going to post up. If people are interested I can post a link.
  10. Icelander-DR650

    TM 40 Tuning

    Yep, Jesse said just pop the bottom off and it is accessible. I have an exploded diagram of the carb that I will look at before I start.
  11. Icelander-DR650

    TM 40 Tuning

    Older: Jesse said that once I get the carb apart the nozzle has a slot in the bottom, just turn and it will pop out. It has an oring on it and is easy. When putting one back in he said to turn the nozzle so it just missses the needle. I'll post up how it goes, depending on where and when I do it I'll grab some photos if I can.
  12. Icelander-DR650

    What oil should I use?

    I usually go every 3K with Rotella T, but am probably going to start doing it every 1500 - 2000. I think John is right, this is because I notice that at about 1500 the shifting begins to get that notchy feeling. Seems like a good indicator that something has changed in the oil.
  13. Icelander-DR650

    TM 40 Tuning

    Jesse told me but I was in the middle of over-the-phone diagnostics and can't remember. If you bought your carb from him you can give him a call and he'll let you know, or wait a bit and I'll post up what he sends me and what is in my carb.
  14. Icelander-DR650

    TM 40 Tuning

    Thanks guys, I was playing with the carb a bit and could not get rid of the bog that happens when I initially open the throttle. As the warm weather arrived I couldn't do 3rd gear wheelies over some of the hills on the roads we ride and was getting a bit miffed. Called Jesse and he has found that going to a smaller AP nozzle cures many problems just off idle and he's going to send me one at no charge! I'm still thinking the pilot may be a bit rich as i can fire the bike up when it is 9 degrees with out choke, just a good shot from the AP and it runs fine. If i use the choke it starts to rev up just slightly for 10 to 15 seconds then the idle drops and it seems to be laboring to run with the choke on, even in the half-choke position. I can turn the fuel screw all the way in and it still runs just fine, with the BST it would die under 3/4 to 1/2 turns out. I'll wait to see how the new AP nozzle works and go from there. Oh ya, just did the R6 throttle tube swap and it seems to now have the feel that the bike should have come with from factory. Only have about 5km on it with the R6 tube so I'm still trying to figure out just how much of a difference it makes. Can still float out 2nd gear wheelies till the rev limiter kicks in
  15. Icelander-DR650

    GPS, download maps - Alaska, Canada

    I saw a GPS thread over on ADVRIDER.com a while ago that had lots of info on maps. You might find some help there