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    oil cooler?s

    You ride with a "buddy" in front of you on your bike? kinky... The highway pegs were on the bike when I bought it maybe a month before these pics. I did not find them comfortable and took them off a few weeks later. This bike was used for many fairly long distance combo rides, it has about 42,000 miles on it now.
  2. jt-tx

    400e headlight

    Yes, it is possible. I did this on both my KLX400R and my KDX220R. Both had 2 filiment bulbs. One had 3 wires in the socket but only 2 hooked up. The other only had 2 wires in the socket so I soldered in another wire. Sorry, I don't remember if it was the KDX or the KLX that had 3 wires. The stock bulb is not DOT, so if that matters in your state, you need to buy a new light housing. Texas doesnt care about DOT.
  3. I have the standard cheap EVS shinguards that I wear in the tops of my Garne SG10 boots. The shinguards rubbed my knees raw the first time I wore them, so I got some cheap soccer kneepads, about $8 at Wallyworld, to put on my knees under the shinguards. Works great, I've done many 10 hour days now and no more blisters, raw spots.
  4. jt-tx

    oil cooler?s

    I just cut the line that runs to the top of the frame with a tubing cutter and double clamped the hose over the ends. I cut it in the first straight section (about 4 inches long) from the top fitting, so i got almost two inches of hose over the ends of the pipe. Here are a few pics.
  5. jt-tx

    oil cooler?s

    I have only had one good day off-road since mounting it. Dropped the bike 3 times on the left side, didn't touch the cooler.