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  1. pantaz

    Wrist support?

    Agreed. I've experienced similar things.
  2. pantaz

    Wrist support?

    Did the feeling occur after you were riding for a while, or from the very beginning? Any tingling or numbness?
  3. pantaz

    Loctite Anyone?

    The amount of Loctite also matters. Most fasteners need only one small drop.
  4. pantaz

    Flat tire question

    This is a bit of a long-shot, but, it's worth a look: Remove the tire, tube, and rim strip, then look for any spokes that are sticking out of their nipples. It wouldn't take much to rub a small hole in the tube. I'm thinking that a small enough hole, along with the low pressure used in a dirt tire, might be creating a slow leak that gets worse when ridden.
  5. And the first time you get your foot tangled up under the bike in a crash, you'll be very pleased with your purchase!
  6. Yeah, you would think so, but sadly, no. Unless you're planning to manufacture a whole bunch of parts with it, you're best bet is to locate a broaching service to have it done. The easiest solution is just to modify an existing shift lever.
  7. Some nice stuff on the AutoMeter website. I really like the ability to recalibrate the speedo. GMC Safari. The OEM gauge package is horrible -- hard to read, even in good light, and I just don't like the design.
  8. Looks good! I'd like to replace the gauge package in my van. How much did you spend? When I'm laying out something like that, I use a 2D CAD/drafting program. I can play with component arrangement, then, when it looks right, use the dimensioning tool to determine hole centers.
  9. pantaz

    Another Brake Bleeding Question!! :/

    You should be able to get a syringe at a hardware store. For example, http://www.rockler.com/c/gluing-accessories.cfm
  10. Which trails do you find closed? I rode Dove Springs three weeks ago. There was fence on SC228 (IIRC), blocking the continuation to SC48/SC49, but we were able to go around it on other trails. Otherwise, the only closed ones I saw were unofficial/unmarked routes in the "travel on marked trails only" section. The "open riding" area seemed to be business as usual.
  11. What is its max trailer/towing weight?
  12. pantaz

    suspension tuning for sand?

    The top things that helped me are: Speed. More than anything else, going faster increases directional stability. Riding position. Weight back, butt off the seat, knees hugging the tank. Steering damper. The softer the sand, the more I turn up the damping. Stay on the throttle in turns. Do all your slowing (rarely need the brakes in deep sand) BEFORE you enter a turn.
  13. pantaz

    need help

    First thing: Are you sure you have the correct model perch for your bike? Clutch perches are almost universal, but it's possible you need a different model. Clutch cables have one adjustment at the lever, and another on the engine. If the perch is correct, and if you can't get all the slack out after using both of those adjusters, then you need a new/different cable. Also, please, always include what year & model bike you're talking about.
  14. Don't recall a HL500... Google found this: http://gelanz.com/xt500/hl500.html http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-223323.html You might like to see this: http://www.classicyams.com/brochures/brochures/yamaha-hl500-brochure.html Try the Vintage sub-forum: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=67
  15. pantaz

    XR4 will start but won't run

    I had just a tiny bit of sand/dirt sneak into my tank and it caused a very similar problem.