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  1. TriPower

    2017 EXC complete redesign?

    This is the first significant update to the 350 EXC since it came out, so I'll be upgrading at some point this year. The 2012 has been an awesome bike and I'll keep it as well. The newer model is lighter, it has a smaller, more powerful engine, redesigned suspension, the list goes on and on. I do miss the orange frame though and the tires are bummer. Can't wait to get one!
  2. TriPower

    XC-F or XCF-W ?

    I really love the 350 XCF-W, it's my favorite bike by far for trail riding. But, I don't like it on the track at all. I've ridden them on the track, and the suspension is just waaaayyyy too soft for any type of double jumps, tabletops, etc., even at the novice level. Every time you land less than perfectly on the downside you'll bottom so hard everything will hurt. Keep the 250 for the track! If I had to do double duty I'd go for the XCF.
  3. The EXCs are all great bikes. It really just comes down to what size you want and how big of a budget you have. If you can swing a 2012+ you'll get the current design with fuel injection. Just pick 350 or 500, lots of info here on that choice, it all depends on how and where you ride. The previous generation EXC, 2008-2011, is also a great bike. They came in 450 and 530. All of these are street legal.
  4. TriPower

    2015 ktm 350 exc-f

    Been running an FMF 4.1 on my 350 here in NJ since I bought it in 2012. It sounds great and I've never had an issue with anyone. It's louder that stock but not that loud. I also have a Q4 slip-on but it doesn't sound nearly as good as the 4.1 on the 350. The 4.1 has more bark than stock without being obnoxious. As far as power goes, the difference is pretty minor :-) At least not enough to matter for me. None will turn this thing into a 450. As far as gearing goes, the 350 is always a compromise in my eyes. Gear it 14/48 and it's good on the street, but weak on the single track typical of NJ. Gear it 13/52 and it's great in the woods, but pretty weak on the street. Gear it in the middle and it's not great anywhere... LOL - Pick your poison.
  5. TriPower

    Ktm 500 exc key switch eliminator

    Figured this out years ago after buying the KTM plug - the red KTM plug just connects two wires in the 6 prong plug, the red wire and the orange/white wire. So if you want to replicate what this plug does, just remove (unplug) your key switch, remove the factory black plug from the 6 prong plug, and solder the red and orange/white wires together.
  6. TriPower

    New 2016 350EXC. Newbie advice please

    To me, gearing is always a compromise on the 350. Been battling with that for years now! When I gear it 13/52 for the woods, I love it on single track, but then it's really pretty awful on the street. 14/48 works great for me on the street, but then it sucks on tight trails unless you carry lots of speed. So then you compromise with something like 13/48 and it's tolerable everywhere, just not great anywhere. I really wish this bike has a 7 speed!
  7. Wow those are some crazy looking street wheels/tires. Pretty cool. 350 isn't a great street bike, especially if you have it geared for the trail. What gears are you going to run? I tried quite a few combos and then gave up. Now the 350 stays mostly on the trail.
  8. TriPower

    2011 450 EXC or 2008 530 EXC ?

    Everyone has their opinion... I find the 530 to have more low end, and the 450 a smoother spread of power. The 530 is a little faster in a pure drag race and it does better wheelies, if that's your thing, but other than that it's all about what works for the rider. Both are great bikes. Way too high
  9. TriPower

    2011 450 EXC or 2008 530 EXC ?

    I would pass on the 08 and the 11. 2000 miles would be too much for me, unless I knew the previous owner and how they performed maintenance. There are plenty of bikes out there with low miles, keep looking. I had an 08 450 EXC, which is basically the same as the 530, and it was a GREAT bike with zero problems. A friend still has it and it's going great. But $5900 is at least $1000 too expense for that bike. The 09 sounds great, and the price is reasonable as a starting point.
  10. TriPower

    350 EXC-F resale value

    Around here, I expect my 350 to be worth around $6k when it's 3 years old. For me, that will mean 1200 miles on it or so. I hate selling my old bikes and losing them for 50 cents on the dollar. My new plan is to keep adding garage space instead of selling bikes!
  11. I've had the 350EXC for a year now, and I'm still totally happy with it. I was worried about moving from a 450 to the smaller 350, but it's plenty fast enough for the tight and rocky trails I spend most of my time on here in NJ. Like you, I'm not one of the people who wants to skirt the law, so I went EXC and then modified to suit (A "offroad" manufactured bike on the street also has big insurance ramifications in the event of an accident, which most ignore). Truth is, I could totally ride and race this bike with no mods other than maybe the XCF-W ECU remap. Stock, it's very good. Desmog it, remap it, throw a 13 tooth counter sprocket on it, and go riding. Nothing else is really required. As far as gearing goes, I've been through many combos all the way to 13/52, and I'm slowly making my way back to stock... LOL With 13/52 and even 13/48, I found that second and third gear were good, but first because useless unless you ride rocks at a walking pace. I try to carry more speed than that. Right now, I'm at 14/48 and it seems like a good compromise. Also, the 13 countershaft isn't great on the street, if that matters to you.
  12. TriPower

    2012 EXC 350 uncorking

    Mine has the map from a stock 350XCF-W loaded instead of the EXC map. It made the bike run richer, so it doesn't pop or stall as easily as they do stock, and it makes more power at low/mid rpm than the EXC map did. They dealer also removed the smog stuff at the same time.
  13. TriPower

    2012 EXC 350 uncorking

    Remapping the bike as others have suggested is, to me, the only mandatory mod. It makes the bike run much better. I've run 13/48, 13/52, stock , and now I'm at 14/48. With the 13 countershaft, I find that first gear is so low that it's unusable unless you're riding rocks at a walking pace. Each gear pulls longer with the 14 on there. Gearing is definitely a personal choice that depends on riding style.
  14. TriPower

    Warning, Golan filters.

    I can't believe how many people complain about FI and filters, it's like an epidemic. My experience has been that the KTM EFI system works great! I've never owned a bike that runs so well under all conditions. The dealer installed the updated gray filter before I picked it up, and it just keeps going and going. The guy that had the deteriorating o-ring was also running Star Tron in the tank. Basically, yet another internet forum fix looking for a problem. You don't need a Golan or fuel additives if you take care of your bike and buy good fuel.
  15. TriPower

    500 XCW/EXC too much bike?

    It's much lighter and easier to move around, so it doesn't tire you out as much. But the trade off is that it doesn't run like a tractor. For me, it's just the right amount of power for tight and difficult trails, but I'm not sitting down or trying to blip the throttle over trees without using the clutch or my body either. Seems like some people want that, so the 350 probably isn't the bike for them. I don't miss my 450 at all when I ride the 350. Basically, the 350 suits the difficult, rocky, muddy, and tight trails that I ride. The 450 is a different type of ride, more about chugging at low rpm in tough sections with that heavy feeling. I still like the bigger bikes, but the 350 is more fun.