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  1. Have one on the bike erider use to make does anyone know if anyone else is making them? Thanks, TBob
  2. wow - sorry to hear that they had some great products. Anyone know if anyone else's is making a rubber mounted chian guide?
  3. Bought one of thier rubber mounted chain guides back in 01 and need to buy another and can't find them online - did they go out of bussiness? Thanks, TBob
  4. how would going 540 be cheaper?
  5. I've got a 2001 520 EXC that I'm currently going through and in need of parts and want to find the best prices on them. Need a piston kit - stock Need valve kit Top end gasket kit Cam - stock Rocker assemblies - was told that they are not serviceable, is this the case? Clutch Hub - Clutch disc and springs New cylinder sleeve - stock Thanks, TBob
  6. for my KTM 520EXC? Desided I want to register it so I need to find a horn for it, anyone make something that will work. Look at Baja Desings and didn't see anything. Thanks, TBob
  7. on a 2001 520- anyone know the size? Thanks, TBob
  8. Jeff Slavens owner of Slavens Racing has come out with a new device called No-Bog it eliminates the off idol Bog problem with RFS at altitude. Malcom Smith used and approved If you would like more info on this please contact Jeff at 1-719-475-2624.
  9. I need a complete wheel - Hub and rim are both cracked. Not sure what the spoke count is but whatever stock is - why is there a better deal for one spoke count over another? Thanks, Bob
  10. Need an Excel wheel for my 01 520 exc where is the best price to get one and do you get a better deal if you buy a set vs. just one wheel? Thanks, TBob
  11. Has anyone experimented with upping the size of the bulb? My 01 has 35/35 in it and I run it with both beams at the same time without any problems. I was wondering if anybody had tested the limits til meltdown and what size was safe? Thanks,
  12. I've already seen it and done it - the only person you need to convince is yourself. Sorry this seems to be such a touchy subject for you. I had the Scotts it limited my travel I got rid of it end of story. If yours works great.
  13. Ditto on that for my 520 EXC. The Scott's does NOT limit steering travel. I think it has the capability to do that, but the factory default setting does not limit steering travel. Where are you getting your data from? First of all it DOES limit steering travel - my data is from owning and installing one + reading their manual. Do a little test when you get home. Take you post out, adjust your stops so that you can get the most lock to lock travel without hitting your tank or black box. Now turn the bars all the way to the stop. Manually take the Scotts arm and move it to ware it would be lined up with the center post - you won't get it to line up. There are 2 reasons why guys never seem to notice this to be a problem. 1) as the guy above mentioned he never adjusts his stops, which means there is probably alot more adjustment than what is currently set. 2) And more than likely what your situation is your using the unit as the stop without knowing it. If you read your Scotts manual it will point out not to do this because damage could occur to the unit. Hey I didn't post this to start an argument I stated it because I know it is the truth - maybe you just can't handle the truth
  14. Well I've skimed through most of the post and I haven't seen anything about the Scotts biggest problem and it has nothing to do with how it works - it works great. But, it does limit the lock to lock steering travel - one thing that I think realy stinks!! I contacted Gary Emig and asked his opinion on what to get and was concidering the GPR - not sure if they limit turning radius or not. His recomendation if I didn't want to go with the Scotts was WER so that's what I got. It's a pain to install but seems to work just as well as the Scotts and it does NOT limit steering.