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  1. going to take the kids to the Dessert, been to Dove springs a few times. is Redrock any good ? any ideas ? thanks
  2. Registered User -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location: Fresno Motorcycle: 05 Honda450x Name: steve Posts: 2 they have a closure thats going to start December 1st all the way until May , the rideing is still good so we need to call Linda Mcphail at (559) 877-2218 ext 3200 and request that it can be changed according to wheather conditions.Nothing will change if we dont CALL or e-mail her
  3. sjw

    green sticker money theft

    Plate your bikes and quit paying places like Hollister ! theres no support from them ,why should we give them our money?
  4. did you go to the right place ---- we are getting screwed ! we need ALOT of people to attend! come on and go or you will be rideing in your back yard!
  5. this might be the" Where Not To Ride "site pretty soon ! Be There !
  6. Going Wednesday night! , this may be our last chance. forget where you rode and where you think you are going to ride because if we dont ban altogether we are done!
  7. sjw

    xr100 rear wheel 04

    ok thanks
  8. sjw

    xr100 rear wheel 04

    I have been reading many post about the stock rear wheels,they dont seem to be to great.so I wanna go aftermarket.can anybody direct me to the right place .. I just have young kids riding it but dont want to waste any money on another stock wheel.I need the wheel complete.is that possible ?
  9. we have a Lincon 110 , I need a brake pad.would cycle gear or a motorcycle shop be able to order that ? or is there a web site ? Thanks in advance:thumbsup:
  10. sjw

    where to buy

    ok thanks
  11. sjw

    where to buy

    my grandson has a lincon 110 atv- I need a chain for it ,where can I order parts at ?
  12. sjw

    2002 XR100r Stock carb settings

    what size pilot jet at about 4 - 5000 ft
  13. sjw

    2002 xr 100 ignition box needed

    this is my boys bike .times are tight right now so I need a used one
  14. I need a ignition box - anybody got one for sale or where I can by a used one ?Thanks - for a 2002 xr 100:thumbsup: