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  1. Oasis_Flame

    Piston, cam, bigbore for 400?

    Yes you can because I've done it 4yrs and 5000 miles ago. Wiseco carries the piston 13.5 to 1. Stock is 12.5 to 1. I'm using a stock 400 head, crank and carb. Runs on pump gas all day long and man is it tons more powerful. I bought a stock WR 426 jug off of E-bay for $50.00 in great shape no boring needed. Jetting was nothing to figure out.
  2. Oasis_Flame

    Please Help..wr426f-Running Hot, bogging

    Is your hot start pushed in. Sounds very lean.
  3. Oasis_Flame

    Is it okay to mix oil brands?

    Ever heard of synthetic-blend? Castrol GTX makes it.
  4. Oasis_Flame

    coolant leak (weep hole)

    Yep, been there. The water seal is in backwards, be easy on getting it out you be able to re-use it. Leak will go away when you flip the seal.
  5. Oasis_Flame

    2007 Wr 450 Carb Needle Position...help!!

    2nd. from top is too lean buddy. 3rd. or 4th is needed, trust me.
  6. Oasis_Flame

    stainless steel oil filter or paper???

    Your dealer is on crack, 6000 miles with a Scotts filter and I'm sure I'll go 6000 more.
  7. Oasis_Flame

    Anyone changed sprocket gear ratios?

    14/48 desert riding
  8. Oasis_Flame

    Throttle paly adjustment?

    Follow the cable down to the carb, loosen the 10mm nuts and turn the large cable holders that the cable is going through. Adjust both evenly until nearly all slop is gone. Tighen nuts and start the bike, move handle bars left and right, if idle comes up when turning left you'll need to back of just alittle on the adjustment,done.
  9. Oasis_Flame

    WR400 Carb

    Yep, your pilot jet is way to large for starters. Go back to all factory settings including air jets and start from there. The carbs are easy to tune but you need a good base line to work from. I'm all stock setting except the main jet which is a 162 at 4000ft. Clean the carb up very good, sounds like it needs it.
  10. Oasis_Flame

    Am I off a notch? Question about timing

    Your timing is dead on. 13 pins WR, 12 pins YZ. Cam lobes are correct, run that puppy!
  11. Oasis_Flame

    Fun with Timing

    I fully agree with scott, fix the intake cam and things will line up. And check your valve lash.
  12. Oasis_Flame

    The ol' Girl gave up the Ghost!!

    Sounds like a valve broke and got sucked in. It happen to me 4yrs. ago. $$$$$$$ is all it takes.
  13. Oasis_Flame

    WR400 Rebuild

    My bottom end is the stock 400 with a 426 jug and stock 2000 400 cams. 13.5 to 1 piston makes tons of power down low and on high revs. I ride with a KTM 525, another WR400, dual sport Honda 650, two CRF 450's and quads and have no problem taking the front or just cruise mid pack. Straight line power is big, that's why I changed the rear sprocket from a 50 to a 48 to keep the front tire in the dirt.
  14. Oasis_Flame

    wr426 stator magneto help me please!

    You did attach the ground wire coming from the coil to the frame right? I did that once, only once.
  15. Oasis_Flame

    Help! WR-426 oil burn

    Valve seals are shot, bet there still OEM.