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  1. spaceboy

    * SNOW *

    As of the end of last week when we called the ranger station they said trails would be open until the first snow. Its currently snowing there now. Hopefully it melts quick and they decide to keep the gates open.
  2. Zero problems and the bike runs great from the products we have of his.
  3. Well I tried to make another order with you earlier in the year for a bunch of stuff but never got a response from you. Maybe that's why you had trouble with customers not coming back.
  4. Its in your phone under your customers contacts.
  5. If this was meant for me, the &%$#@!ing phone was picked up and used. Hence why I will not deal with that dealer ever again.
  6. They would not even start to negotiate and this was a 100% cash deal so not good service in my book. Took our money else where to a better dealer in Redlands and couldnt be happier. They were easy to deal with and we got what we wanted for the price we wanted. Your mileage may vary.
  7. I wouldn't waste my time there at that shop if you are 7 hours away. I'm only 4 hours away and they wouldn't discuss anything for a new bike with out you coming into their shop last year when purchasing a new bike for the wife.
  8. Can't speak for anyone else but I've used them in the past with out any issues.
  9. Start with the simplest option. Get a new battery. If you just checked voltage on the old one that wont tell you if its good or not. It needs to be tested with a load applied.
  10. I'd leave the brass nipple alone and just plug it/cover it instead of removing it. If it snaps off like mine did from being red loctited in, its a bigger pain in the ass to fix. I ended up screwing a very small screw with a dab of rtv on it into what was left of the brass nipple to plug the hole.
  11. spaceboy


    Counter shaft sprocket seal? They are easy to replace if that's where its leaking.
  12. Zac Speed is what I have used for the past few years. Original setup was the Recon bag with vest front. The zipper finally just started wearing out on the main compartment so I have now replaced with with the larger Dakar bag and my existing vest attachment. Best setup I have ever used hands down and the quality of their product is top notch. Years of use every single weekend with many washings....these things are built tough!
  13. Doubt that. Big dealerships seem to not care as much for their customers compared to smaller dealerships in my experience.
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