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  1. AndrewL

    storage of OEM fuel tank?

    The liquid used for rust prevention in the automotive industry is sometimes called cavity wax. An alternative is to encourage a good even coat of rust throughout the tank and then passivate the surface with phosphoric acid solution (it should contain nothing else) available at hardware stores. A lot of high tensile bolts (the black ones) are treated like this and the finish is impervious. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passivation Cheers
  2. AndrewL

    Power output for heated gear

    That'd be true if you are running the motor fast enough to produce the maximum output at all times. Around 70% of the maximum is a more realistic number. I believe that Bgunn is closer to the mark. Cheers
  3. AndrewL

    pulled carb off now no power

    More questions.... What other mods? Airbox? If you cut the airbox you'll need the DJ needle. 4th clip position - you mean the position that raises the needle the most... the groove closest to the pointy end? Stranger things have happened. You didn't get crud in the carb while it was in pieces or put the thing back together incorrectly? eg air leak at the diaphragm and float height is set correctly. No air leaks anywhere? The strainer in the carb inlet is clear? I pulled mine and replaced it with a Ryco... No air lock in the fuel line that can restrict fuel flow more effectively than most people would realise... The fuel line should go down from the tank and back up to the carb with no pockets to trap air. Cheers
  4. AndrewL

    header pipe coatings

    And it discoloured... ouch! Now you have got me wanting to get a pyro onto the DR to find out just how hot these thing get. :bonk: Cheers
  5. AndrewL

    header pipe coatings

    I indicated that I have never had a pyro on a DR in another thread. I should have mentioned that again in this one. I have had pyros on many other engines, both similar and dissimilar to the DR. All of them would peak in the range indicated. Cheers
  6. AndrewL

    DR650 nuetral to 1st gear clunk?

    The DR has a constant mesh gearbox. It is the engagement dogs that you are hearing. Cheers
  7. AndrewL

    header pipe coatings

    FLEALAMI, Which coating did you originally choose for your header after the discussion in the polished header thread? ................. NordieBoy, that is simply untrue. A flame at the exhaust port is more common than you would think. Cheers
  8. AndrewL

    header pipe coatings

    Spradley, Peak EGT in the 1300-1450 range are not the slightest bit uncommon for an ICE. 1000F would surprise me as being a low peak EGT and would have me questioning engine tuning, the test methodology or the accuracy of the instrument itself in this temperature range. The fact that a DR header will glow a dull red over the first few inches of its length should give some clue that these engines run high EGTs. It seems to me that Jet Hot is bending over backwards to accommodate. A mistake has been made, theirs or yours it doesn't matter; what matters is that they are willing to work with you to put it right for no more than the cost of applying the right coating from the beginning. It doesn't get much better than that and there is little to be gained from arguing with them privately or dissing them in a public forum - they don't deserve that. Cheers
  9. AndrewL

    Should I keep modding (for street worhyness) or sell?

    Enjoy the new ride. Cheers
  10. AndrewL

    21" tube in a 17" tire

    I think you will be pushing it to find hot patches. Rema stopped making those what seems like a hundred years ago. I believe that they are making electrically heated patches but the gear might be kinda awkward on a DR. My tube repair kit comprises: ~50g cold vulcanising fluid 3x #3 (2" dia) patches 3x #4 (3" dia) patches ~50ml pre-buff solution ~50g tyre talc 2x 6x6cm squares of sandpaper Nothing in that list is optional IMO. All except the sandpaper is straight out of the Rema Tip Top catalogue. For interest... The rest of my kit: 2x A-4 and 2x B-6 combi patches + reamer and puller 2x PN-1 small tyre repair patches 2x PN-5 large tyre repair patches ~50g Blue Cement Cheers
  11. AndrewL

    21" tube in a 17" tire

    As mentioned, it works in a pinch. For me the pinch occurs when the rear tube is not repairable which fortunately does not happen too often. A patch kit costs little in terms of weight and space. Cheers
  12. AndrewL

    I See What You Mean.....

    If noise is important to you (as it is to me) you can leave the snorkel in (it is probably worth a couple of dB). The needle does not need to be raised as much... say 20 thou as a starting point. The changes to tidy up the mixtures on a stock bike are small. Cheers
  13. AndrewL

    MPG / l/km high compresion piston vs stock

    I would be curious too.. I would expect some gains, but I would guess that a lot would depend on what else has been done to the bike and how well (or badly) it has been tuned. Cheers
  14. AndrewL

    New rider concerned on shifting gears/oil change.

    Yep, that is normal. Motorcycle gearboxes have fairly coarse dogs to engage the gears. If they are not reasonably aligned the dogs comes up against the side of the gear instead of dropping into their "holes". By easing the clutch a little you are moving the gears a little to allow the dogs to engage. EDIT: You are doing it the right way to get those gears to engage at a standstill. If engagement is particularly stubborn you can let the bike roll a little as you ease the clutch. Cheers
  15. AndrewL