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  1. Jarrett H

    2013 ktm 450sx, kx500 swap out

  2. I crashed a while back and tore the leads out of my handlebar map switch. I've removed the cable and plugged the connections underneath the seat together. My question is, if the switch on the bars is removed but the switch under the seat is still in place, did KTM design it so the map selected under the seat will be running, or am I on the normal map?
  3. I wouldn't pay more than what the 2014s are going for. I have 12 hours on the bike without an issue. The design and quality of the bike is pretty amazing.
  4. Jarrett H

    Akrapovic or ...........?

    I removed the Akra before I ever rode the bike, but I did hear it run. I wasn't happy with how long the silencer was and how it stuck so far past the rear axle. The FMF silencer has to weigh pounds less than the Akra though. FMF's site shows that even their Ti header weighs 1lb less than their stainless. I was either going to get the full FMF, or grab the Akra Ti resonated header which runs about the same price as the full FMF system. I run 13/51 which is supposed to be what Dungey runs. It is pretty close to being a perfect balance for track riding. I came off a 13KX450f and the KTM was lacking bottom end in comparison until I re-geared it. I read countless articles on FMF's new system installed on other 450s and the ktm 350. On each dyno, it increased the bottom-end significantly and the overev. I usually run pro circuit systems, but the FMF system looked the best on these bikes and helped the bottom-end. I literally have people tell me every time I ride how good the bike sounds.
  5. Jarrett H

    Akrapovic or ...........?

    Go with FMF's factory titanium system. They have really stepped up their game with the new systems. I'm a first time FMF buyer myself. I picked up the full system for my 13.5 450sxf and I have had numerous people come up to me at tracks and tell me how amazing/powerful my bike sounds. I've had ex pros tell me that it sounds like it has the perfect air/fuel mixture etc..
  6. I keep my bikes looking brand new even after 40+ hours. It's important to not let the bike sit dirty too long after a ride. The mud and dirt will stain the metal parts and the longer it sits, the harder it is to remove. Power wash every inch of your bike, wash it with some type of soap mitt and then rinse. Dry it off with either air or with a towel. If i have time, I'll use air to get water out of all the hard to reach areas. When the bike is dry use Plexus, Lemon Pledge, or Maxima SC1(works great) on the plastics. Also lube your chain so it doesn't rust. I have a few carbon pieces on my bike that are clear-coated. I'll use a Meguires NXT Tech wax on them, and also on my black Excel Rims, and then I'll buff it off. If you've ever seen Reeds bike during a night race, his wheels shine and sparkle. It's because they polish his rims. If you have an aluminum frame, use a scotch-brite pad in the grain direction to keep up the brushed aluminum look. It will make your frame look brand new and you don't have to resort to polishing it. I'll also use a scotch-brite pad on the header pipe to remove any stubborn marks or burn marks from gear. My stuff looks brand new for ages.....
  7. Jarrett H

    Factory Edition Registry

    I thought it would be super cool if everyone listed the number of their factory edition 450(12.5 & 13), and I'll include it in this first post. I hadn't found anything like this made already, so I figured I would get it started. If and when more people post in the thread, I'll update this original post when more numbers are posted. If you have any suggestions let me know. Upload a picture of the placard with your post. '12.5: edgeofred, Florida Naf(Manaf J Hoss), Kuwait '13: 78/555- edgeofred, Florida 259/555- kevkev22(Kevin), Texas 271/555- Pinon-Hills, California 404/555- Byron909, Texas 415/555- KTM777(Greg), Pennsylvania 423/555- Jarrett H, Iowa 445/555- fish10, Pennslyvania 451/555- Brent Dalton, Texas 522/555- mxengineer4, Ohio 543/555- VintageDave393, Texas
  8. Jarrett H

    Factory Edition Registry

    Keep it going guys. I can't edit the first post anymore so I'm working on getting that fixed. One of the Admin told me it wasn't possible to edit the first post anymore...
  9. Jarrett H

    Seat bouncing

    You seat bounce when you can't clear the jump. It is usually a jump coming out of a corner. It is a good idea at first to only do it on nicely curved sweeping jumps as opposed to kickers.
  10. Jarrett H


    I was pleasantly surprised to find an RG3 service center about 20 minutes from my house and have been thinking about having them do the work on my 13.5 450. I have two reservations about using RG3 though. The first one is that the RG3 service center is just a branch of RG3. Is the quality of work the same as the RG3 HQ in Cali? Second, I need to call and find out if they have a Smartvalve that will work in our WP suspension. They don't have an option listed on their site for it.
  11. Jarrett H

    Air forks better on 2014?

    I am 175lbs and a front of the pack B rider. The forks would blow through the entire stroke on hard landings and also would bottom out every time I would over shoot super small jumps. Didn't want to hijack the thread, but I think this is related to the OP's original post. I loved my KX and put a considerable amount of cash in it. I had a few friends that swore by the ktm but I never liked them until this last year when they got their stuff together. First ride on the bike I was grinning ear to ear. The ktm feels so nimble it's almost hard to explain and the suspension is much better than people like to give it credit for. I know they made huge suspension changes in 13/14, so that could be part of it. The main difference between the bikes is the fit and finish. The ktm is like a work of art, they literally thought of everything. Brembro brakes from the master cylinder to the caliper. Brembo clutch master as well. Galfer oversized waved rotors, twin air filter, electric start, excel rims, "billet" hubs(they are machined from cast), the list goes on forever.The coolest and simplest things I liked were how solid the drain plugs were and that one is magnetic. When you look at the bike up close you can see the quality differences. The rear brake link where the japanese manufactures use a simple swivel joint from the lever to the master, ktm decided to use a heim joint. Either bike is super sick and will be the best bike on the track, the choice literally comes down to if you want a super rigid and stable bike that has tons of low end grunt, or if you prefer are more nimble bike that feels like you are riding a 125, but is also setup for more mid to top end power. My kx Ktm
  12. Jarrett H

    Air forks better on 2014?

    Sold my 13 kx for the 13.5 Dungey. I can't speak for the 14 forks, but my 13 forks never had any issues and felt very plush. They just bottomed out super easy.
  13. Jarrett H


    KTM specifically asks for a 50 or 60 weight oil, at least in my bike. I know one of their reasons was because of the type of bearings they use.