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  1. prairiedawg

    prairiedawg is back.

    Eddie my bike has to much stabil in it will race gas clear it up without having to tear the carb apart? :confused:
  2. prairiedawg

    49 Tooth Steel sprocket recommendations?

    I bought my sprocket with a ome time use in mind. It's shocking to think how good the thing is and just 14 bucks. Check out Rocky Mountain primary drive sprockets. you won't regret it. pdawg:prof:
  3. prairiedawg

    64.89 Mpg!

    Since a thief took off with my SM I can only conject what I will do with the 01 E. I do have a plate for it and it would make a fine SM. It won't be nothing like what I had but it could be a nice bike none the less. I think I see some street rubber on 21 and 18's at first with a 16-41 front and rear. The old E ought to love that. pdawg:thumbsup:
  4. prairiedawg

    Need a favor Eddie.

    Thanks Eddie I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. They are acting like I had my bike stolen damn near it. Becky is in a mood let me tell you. I can't let her near any of the guns or my Allstate agent just might not be around anymore. I ain't never stole nothing except one Cherry Mash in my whole life. I got caught doing that too. I am a straight shooter Eddie and I'm even getting mad now. It's bad enough my home has been violated, but for them to act like I had anything to do with it just plain pisses me off. I'm not having them help fix any damage done to my E. I'll pay for it myself they had just best knock off the bs about the SM though. It was and always will be the best bike I ever owned. George:banghead:
  5. prairiedawg

    Need a favor Eddie.

    Let's just say I'm not thinking to clearly since the SM was ripped off. Could you run those pictures for me once again so I can copy them for the insurance. They say you're in good hands with Allstate what they don't day is that they have those hands wrapped very tightly around your balls. I'd like to see them try lowballing me with the bike being in the same shape you sold it to me. Thanks ahead of time for the help, man I had no idea what a hassle insurance is till this came up. prairiedawg:crazy: :thumbsup:
  6. prairiedawg

    Eddie they got both bikes!

    They cut througha kryptonite cable running through the wheels of both bikes. pdawg:banghead:
  7. prairiedawg

    Eddie they got both bikes!

    Eddie God Bless you. That's just how it looked but the little sweatband thing on the brake reservoir was a bit dirtier than you had it other than that it was exactly the same machine with a license plate on it. Thanks more than I can say. If I ever get it back I know it won't look like that for a longtime afterwards. pdawg:thumbsup:
  8. prairiedawg

    Eddie they got both bikes!

    My neighborhood was much the same way but now the oldtimers are dying off and new folks moving in. In some cases they didn't sell but are just renting their old home out and living elsewhere. We have some real winners on the corner, as in herion addicts. I'm damn near tempted to go back into debt and buy elsewhere myself. Sad when old neighborhoods change isn't it. pdawg:banghead:
  9. prairiedawg

    Eddie they got both bikes!

    I told the cops it is quite loud plus you have a unique little sticker most wouldn't even notice motoman 383. He just might bring me back my bike for me. I'm absolutely heartbroken. I've probably owned 100 mororcycles in my life if not more. There is none that means as much to me as this one does. I don't even give a damn if it takes race gas. It's worth it, I pray that one is brought home before the idiots put regular in it and blow it up with detionation. That bike means the world to me. I've lost so much from life, it was what made life fair and fun again. To say I'm mad is the understatement of all time. Yes I have full coverage but that just goes by what is on the title. I couldn't build one like it for anything. Seen any kickers lately????? pdawg:cry:
  10. prairiedawg

    Eddie they got both bikes!

    One block away they found my E model laying on its side. Yep the battery is dead and it ain't going nowhere. I saw the tracks of the SM in the same place it bump started as you know this is one bike you kind of have to know the tricks to start. So the Police think it's a bunch of local kids. I just hope they catch them before they ruin the motor it takes race gas. I hope they find it too. pdawg:eek:
  11. prairiedawg

    Eddie they got both bikes!

    I was even going to borrow a camera from my daughter and take a picture of the SM, Well we got up around my usual 5 o'clock and guess what isn't on my back carport? You got it both bikes are gone. They didn't just get the bitchin SM you hand-built but they got my 01 DRZ E model too. The E needed a battery and possibly carb work. I kind of doubt it though the SM took right off with the 2 winters worth of gas treatment so the bike just needed a battery. All I have left is a side-cover to the E model. I kind of hope they get the SM running as you know not just anyone can even start that bike. They do I hope they break their damn thieving neck on it. pdawg :ride:
  12. prairiedawg

    Burned it's still got it!

    It's my baby and it looks just like it did the day he sold it to me. There were sportsbikes up the wazoo there but the entire crowd was around the SM Eddie built and raced for one season. By the way a fool on a stock SM tried it on today it wasn't even a contest. He was a memory by 3rd gear.pdawg:thumbsup:
  13. prairiedawg

    Burned it's still got it!

    There was a big to do by Dream Weavers for sick kids. I brought out the SM for it's summer debut. I literally had to dang near fight my way to the bike to go home. It drew a crowd like crazy. Eddie that is still one of the best looking bikes around just thought I'd tell ya, you still the king. pdawg:worthy:
  14. prairiedawg

    Save your old buddy, George!

    It was about a year ago and everybofy busted a gut laughing at the JR Goldwings for a DRZ. Well now I need just that. I'm not going to be off the bike long enough for any local yokel to make to much fun of my ride. That Old E is a pretty dang good bike on it's own merits. The seat would allow me one day comfort to Sturgis and what not. I'm still not back with CMA nobody will ever tell me how I can vote and how I can't last I heard this is a democracy. I think I'd just as soon keep that way. I'll find another chapter here in the state that isn't so much who you vote for but do you do Gods work and I'll fit in there just fine. So somebody please dig up the name of who made those huge seats. pdawg:excuseme:
  15. prairiedawg

    Save your old buddy, George!

    I know you will remember the ugly seat for touring for the DRZ. Well guess who is building a ugly tourer. Ugly is not a requirement but function is. That seat along with a set of bolt on highway bars and I'd be set for very long stints in the saddle of my drz. So Eddie help a old man whose memory is shot a helping hand. pdawg. George, hey I even answer to hey you. pdawg:thumbsup: