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  1. CTinCT

    Thinking of trading in my Service Honda Junior

    Marco, what can you tell me about the JR? I'm not on here much. E-mail me at Txtel16@aol.com. Thanks, CT.
  2. CTinCT

    Lets talk Barcia

    What does winning a title have to do with styles? He is a natural MX guy that has won SX races. I've watched him since he was a little kid. He was a hammerhead when he was 7, a hammerhead when he was 10, 12, 15, 17. He wins a couple SX titles and all of a sudden he is an indoor specialist?? ANYBODY that watches him ride for 10 seconds should be able to see he is a natural outdoor style rider.
  3. CTinCT

    Lets talk Barcia

    I'm talking style not titles. This kid wants to twist it to the stops all the time, and you can't do that inside on a 450. He needs room to swap, overshoot stuff, and hang it out. AND, the guy that said his corner speed is slow is a funny dude.
  4. CTinCT

    Lets talk Barcia

    Barcia doesn't belong in a stadium. Ever see a horse before the Derby? Those beasts are hyper, they just want to go wide open. That's why they don't run them in the barn, they bring them outside.
  5. CTinCT

    Kid doesn't want his 150r anymore?

    There was nothing wrong with his post, it was 100% accurate.
  6. CTinCT

    Split start stupidity!

    The split start is a waste of time and energy for something that adds absolutely nothing to the race.
  7. CTinCT

    Brand new PW50 question

    Remove the restrictor. They barely run with that in place. I made my own using a washer in the exhaust. I started with a hole about the size of a pencil and drilled it larger as my riders got better. I don't like using the throttle to limit the speed. I like the rider to be able to use the whole range of the throttle.
  8. CTinCT

    This Chick is Flying

    Did you notice her number?? Barcia 151...
  9. CTinCT

    Doug Henry back flip

    Listen to the throttle when he takes off the second time. Full commitment!
  10. CTinCT

    Why no CR or YZ 65?

    I'm a Yamaha guy, been one for a LONG time. My kids both had new Yamaha PW's, but after the PW's I bought KTM's. I've bought KTM 50's and now 65's. It's strange to walk in the Yamaha dealer and buy NOTHING. I stop in sometimes and say Hi to all the guys but I walk out empty handed.
  11. I would NEVER go look at a bike if I didn't have the money on me, and a way to haul the bike. I'm not going to waste my time or the sellers.
  12. CTinCT

    Stick a fork in Milly...

    I don't care, the guy is still a Rockstar.
  13. CTinCT

    The Next Step!

    Our KTM 50's (since 09)have been great, but they are clearly motocross bikes. I think at low speeds you may have cooling and clutch issues. If you are going to be riding in the woods (or playriding) there may be better choices than the KTM (or Cobra). PS-I never ride my kids 50's, but they RIP! My rider is still under 50lbs. I can only imagine what it must be like for a little kid.
  14. CTinCT

    The Next Step!

    Fit for your child. My kid fit KTM's better so we stuck with them. This is our last year on 50's and now I'm looking for a 2013 Cobra, just because he is older, faster and ready for one now. If your kid is 5 and coming off an OSET (mine did also)be careful buying him a Cobra. The step from a Oset(or a 4 stroke 50)to Cobra 50 is huge.
  15. CTinCT

    The Next Step!

    You are correct. For the fastest kids the Cobra has proven results, but I don't believe the Cobra is any better for 90% of the kids riding 50's. As a side note, a KTM parent MUST get the suspension done.